“A Quiet Place 3” will be released the next year


“A Quiet Place 3” will be released the next year, this one still needs to keep quiet.

On June 5, the news that the sequel of the horror film “A Quiet Place 3”, a popular domestic horror film, was finalized, attracted attention and will be released in North America on March 31, 2023.

At present, “A Quiet Place 2” is still in theaters in China. Unexpectedly, the third part has already been finalized, and netizens have expressed their expectations.

The screenwriter of “A Quiet Place 3” is still John Krasinski, who directed and acted in the first and second parts.

He revealed: “The third part may not be a direct sequel to the previous game, but it continues to tell about the post-apocalyptic environment where monsters are rampant, people must always keep quiet and strive to find hope for survival.”

Both the first two parts of “A Quiet Place” left the audience with suspense at the end, so that the audience could not see enough.

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Now the plot of the third part may not continue directly from the end of the second part, but a new story.

However, the theme still conforms to the style of “not being able to speak out”, and it can be regarded as a vaccination for the audience in advance.

Some netizens felt that the sequel was released too soon after seeing the news, and some netizens joked: “Let those who talk a lot see it.”

It is worth noting that the director of Part 3 is no longer John Krasinski, but the American film director Jeff Nichols who has directed films such as “Midnight Special”.

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His works have been shortlisted for many world-renowned awards and are regarded as the new hope of American independent films. I believe that “A Quiet Place 3” directed by him will have a different taste.

“A Quiet Place” series tells the story of alien species invading the earth, once they make a sound, they will be captured by monsters.

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The film mainly revolves around the cautious life of the heroine’s family, not giving up the hope of survival, and finally actively challenging the monsters who hunted them.

“A Quiet Place 2” is currently in theaters, and the popularity is still unabated. I hope “A Quiet Place 3” can be released as soon as possible.

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