Those fantasy lives that travel through time and space

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Traveling to the past, becoming friends with your parents’ relatives, becoming sisters with your relatives, and helping your relatives to chase your future dad, do you seem familiar with this story?

Express the emotions of the characters through the passage of time and space.

Through accidental crossings and mischievous farce, let people who travel through time and space re-recognize their parents, change their own concepts, and also change the relationship with their parents.

This kind of story is often close to life, first comedy and then warmth, which can easily arouse everyone’s empathy.

Not only to fulfill the love of parents, people who play time and space must also pursue their true love.

Those fantasy lives that travel through time and space

“I was not born when you were born, but you were old when I was born.” People who are destined will always love each other across time and space.

From “Somewhere in Time” in the 80s, to Tony Leung’s “Timeless Romance”, to Hugh Jackman and Meg Ryan’s “Kate & Leopold”, etc.

They all talk about love through time and space, and compose a period of time and space love through fantasy time travel.

In addition to the above-mentioned fantasy crossings full of comedy and love, there are also some time-space sci-fi crossings based on scientific principles and rigorous logic.

Unlike the first two types of films that express emotions through storytelling through traversal, the protagonists in this traversal movie have clear goals and tasks, and have a reasonable explanation for traversal.

Here, we will not introduce such videos.

The main inventory is based on real life, with the excuse of crossing, focusing on showing the stories and delicate emotions of characters in different eras.

Traveling through time and space + comedy: happily be friends with your parents or posterity

“Back To The Future” (1985)

With the help of the mad scientist Dr. Emmett Brown, 17-year-old Marty traveled back to 30 years ago in the time machine.

After returning to the past, Marty meets his parents of the same age, and it happens to make her mother, Lorraine, fall in love with her.

After a series of ridiculous incidents, Marty helped his cowardly father regain his self-confidence, let his parents meet and love each other, and slowly reconcile the relationship between the two generations.

Highlights: The film has no stimulating action fights, as well as sci-fi, brain-burning, and suspenseful designs, but it is the most close to the details of life, with a sense of age and comedy.

Those fantasy lives that travel through time and space

The fluffy curly hair, shoulder-padded skirts, bomber jackets, and rock music in the colors of the times reproduce the golden age of the United States in the 1950s.

The film was released in 1985, and the second and third films were released in 1989 and 1990.

Today, the “Back To The Future” trilogy is still a classic that cannot be surpassed by time travel and travel movies.

Traveling way: Take the time machine: DMC-12 sports car + airplane parts

“Les Visiteurs” (1993)

A pair of noble knights and attendants accidentally traveled from the 12th century to the 21st century after a thousand years due to the mistakes of the wizard.

After traveling through time and space, I met the descendants of the knight, and then I tried my best to go back and go back.

From the Middle Ages to the modern age, the visitors were surprised by modern electronic devices such as phones and cars.

The ancestors and descendants are in the same time and space, causing a series of absurd farce.

Those fantasy lives that travel through time and space

Highlights: On one side is the strict hierarchical system of the Middle Ages and the evil wizarding culture, on the other side is the concept of equality in modern civilization.

Through the millennia of time difference, the film uses the changes of the past and the present, and the conflict of ideas, to create scenes of funny jokes.

In “Léon”, Jean Reno, who has a “cold face and warm heart”, plays a noble knight. The film has a wild and unruly appearance, serious but cute contrast, and is full of joy.

Those fantasy lives that travel through time and space

The film was released in 1993, the second part was shot in 1998, and the third part was released after a lapse of 18 years.

In addition to these three feature films shot by France, in 2001, France and the United States co-produced an extra feature “Just Visiting”, created by the original crew, and the plot is similar to the first one.

Traveling way: time travel magic potion + spell

“Hot Tub Time Machine” (2010)

Adam who was dumped by his girlfriend, Lou who is the most fun and carefree, Nick who is controlled by his wife, and Adam’s otaku nephew Jacob, three old and one young.

The four men came to the resort town, looking for the long-lost frivolous years, and unexpectedly carried the magic hot tub back to 1986 20 years ago.

The four losers who traveled back were warned that if they changed the past, they would affect the future. If you want to go back, you can only reproduce everything in the past.

Highlights: A play with four men, taking a bath, drinking, and playing pornography.

This film can be called a crossover version of “The Hangover”, and the plot is similar to the 2009 British film “Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel”.

Those fantasy lives that travel through time and space

Although it is the subject of time travel, the film focuses more on nonsensical and funny.

Some people are declining, some are home, some are pornographic, and some are making jokes. A fantasy comedy in which frustrated men who have suffered a mid-life crisis return to their youth.

In 2015, the film launched the second part of the series.

Traveling way: Hot Tub Time Machine

Traveling through time and space + love: fall in love even if not in an era

“Somewhere in Time” (1980)

At the graduation ceremony, a mysterious old woman gave the college student Richard a gold watch and reminded him to return to her.

Many years later, Richard, who is already a playwright, stumbled upon a photo of a female celebrity 70 years ago in an old hotel, the same person as the one in the gold watch given to him by the old woman.

After that, he tried his best to travel back 70 years ago, to the place where he first met with the old woman, the actress Elise of the year, and restart the love that was never possible.

Highlights: One stare in the air, one glance at ten thousand years.

Those fantasy lives that travel through time and space

The lovers traveled through time and space to find each other, but unexpectedly missed the separation.

Although the details of the story are worthy of scrutiny, and some are sensational, the short and fierce love is moving.

The nostalgic classical temperament and fresco-like dreamy mood also make the film more romantic and charming.

In addition, the heartbreakingly beautiful theme music-Sergei Vassilievitch Rachmaninoff’s work “Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini”, the 18th variation, also adds luster to this cross-temporal love and makes this film even more timeless and classic.

Traveling way: retro dress + idea

“Peggy Sue Got Married” (1986)

Peggy Sue Bodell discovered that her husband Charlie had cheated. Faced with such an embarrassing life situation, at a class reunion, Peggy suddenly fainted and traveled to the high school era 25 years ago.

Back in the past, she decided not to choose Charlie, her later marriage partner, but to pursue a poet and classmate to avoid a failed marriage in the future.

But after experiencing many things, she found out that she still loved Charlie.

Highlights: Traveling through the past, changing love and marriage, and re-selecting people in love.

Those fantasy lives that travel through time and space

The comedy color of this film is relatively light, and it focuses more on the discussion of love.

With a romantic and warm style and humorous lines, it is hard to imagine that this film is the work of Coppola, who has filmed “The Godfather” and “Apocalypse Now”.

It is worth mentioning that the male lead of the film is Coppola’s nephew-Nicolas Cage, who was 22 years old, and the male partner is Jim Carrey, 24.

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Traveling way: Syncope

“Kate & Leopold” (2001)

Leopold, a noble duke in the 19th century, accidentally passed through a space-time tunnel to the 21st century, a hundred years later, and met Kate, an independent and intelligent new modern woman.

The two are attracted to each other and fall in love slowly.

However, the love that travels through time and space is full of twists and turns, Leopold has to go back to the past in time, otherwise history will be rewritten, and the elevator he invented will not appear in the corresponding era.

In the end, Kate, who loves each other deeply with Leopold, also broke through the boundaries of time and space, and returned to the past.

Those fantasy lives that travel through time and space

Highlights: A hundred years of marriage is a thread, even if time and space are separated, I will travel to love you.

“Wolverine” Hugh Jackman, transformed into a gentle and personable aristocratic gentleman, returned home with “American Sweetheart” Meg Ryan through time and space.

The handsome prince fell in love with the modern strong woman, this can be called the most romantic crossing.

Those fantasy lives that travel through time and space

As Meg Ryan said in the film, “All love stories are adult fairy tales, a myth that has been instilled since childhood.”

The tone of the film is sweet and warm, full of interesting light comedy colors, like a beautiful essay.

Traveling way: the time gap under the Brooklyn Bridge

“About Time” (2013)

When Tim was 21 years old, he was told by his father that all men in the family have superpowers and can travel through time and space. At this time, his wish was to find a girlfriend.

Later, Tim met a beautiful girl Mary. In order to win her heart, he used time travel time and space to perfect every “unsatisfactory” in getting along with her, and finally the two fell in love.

However, during a crossing, Tim accidentally changed a little thing, which caused him no chance to meet Mary in the future.

The persistent Tim tried again and again, hoping to meet Mary again.

Those fantasy lives that travel through time and space

Highlights: If you have the super power to travel through time and space, how will you use it?

Traveling through time and space, all wishes come true. However, truly beautiful moments are not completely achievable by time travel.

This is a completely “anti-space-time shuttle” movie, time travel is only a “flavor” full of fantasy.

Those fantasy lives that travel through time and space

Richard Curtis, who has screened classic romance films such as “Love Actually” and “Notting Hill”, in this film, through the traversing coat, uses British humor and warmth to depict the romantic love of the hero and heroine.

At the same time, it presents a moving and simple family affection, which outlines a warm picture of life.

Traversing is not the main point. Enjoying ordinary life, cherishing and cherishing every day with the beloved, may be what the director wants to express the most.

Just like the embarrassed but excited crowd carnival in a stormy wedding in the movie, imperfect accidents are full of a strong sense of happiness.

Traveling way: meditation in a small black house

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