Ten classic villains in European and American movies

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In recent years, it can be said that the female villains are “rampantly overbearing.” The villains are no longer so hideous and evil. On the contrary, a variety of beautiful images emerge in an endless stream. These beautiful villains with a feminine heart seem to be more attractive to the audience. At the same time, he has unique charm and has become an indispensable role in the film. Today I will give you an inventory of those sexy, enchanting, scheming, obsessive and jealous female villains.

Charles Theron “The Fate of the Furious”

The hacker Cipher in Super 8 is impressive. Her sexy, enchanting, scheming image in the movie is fascinating and daunting.

Angelina Jolie, Maleficent

The real highlight of the film is Julie’s acting charm. When she regained her wings and appeared in the clouds, the queen’s aura made people willing to bow down, and the noble and glamorous temperament revealed in her bones made people feel remote.

Sophie Marceau “The World Is Not Enough”

Erica with blurred and melancholy eyes. In the movie, Sophie Marceau perfectly blends sexiness and innocence. Her melancholy and blurred brown eyes are simply fascinating. Her beauty, her sexy, make the world fall over. It is said that when the director filmed Sophie Marceau’s sexual abuse of 007, the number of NGs was as high as 18 times.

Rosamund Pike “Gone Girl”

With this film, Pei Chunhua, who has won multiple nominations such as Oscars and Golden Globe Awards, plays the leading role and writer Amy in the film. With super high IQ, he carefully planned a “murder case” in order to avenge her husband’s derailment. With her beautiful appearance and extremely perverted personality, she has become a classic femme fatale in the film industry.

Kate Winslet, Divergent

Kate Winslet showed us in the film there is no villainous temperament, but the demeanor of the imperial sister can still control the audience, by the way, many people may find her familiar with her. It was Lucy who played “Titanic”.

Megan Fox “Jennifer’s Body”

The sexiest female villain in history is Megan Fox. We are deeply impressed. If you have seen the movie, you may think it is a bit scary. Maybe it is her who is talking about the beauty and trouble. She is one of the top ten classic female villains in European and American movies. This is a thriller, friends who have never watched it, please be prepared to watch it again.

January Jones “X-Men: First Class”

Do you still remember the “White Queen” in the movie X-Men: Battle One, a sexy and beautiful character played by January Jones, with various psycho-sensing abilities, perfectly shaped with a cool temperament ” “The White Queen” image.

Jennifer Lawrence “X-Men: First Class”

If you have watched the X-Men series, you don’t know if you are amazed by the image of the devilish girl Ruiwen played by the big cousin. It is too sexy. The devilish girl in the movie has good times and bad times. Magneto has always been entangled, so she is still included in the ranks of villains.

Demi Moore “Charlie s Angels: Full Throttle”

If you’ve seen Charlie s Angels: Full Throttle, is it the “fallen” angel circle fan played by Demi Moore, using lace underwear and fur to create an extremely eye-catching image of a female killer, which makes people feel like death in her hands It is also a very happy thing.

Margot Elise Robbie “Suicide Squad”

Speaking of the most charming villain, the classic female villain in the suicide squad is undoubtedly Harleen Quinzel played by Margot Robbie, a beautiful and evil clown girl who has made the wicked and evil to the extreme, sexy and playful with a little bit of evil. It is almost all men. The perfect dream girl.

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