The nine super villains in European and American movies, who scares you the most?

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Although the villains in these movies do not have superpowers, they are cruel and cruel. They act hideously and inhumane. They make people feel the terrible humanity. The editor below lists the nine super villains in European and American movies. The fear deep inside.

“No Country for Old Men” Anton Kuiper

He is a killer with a neat mushroom head and a new weapon like a fire extinguisher. He kills people like hemp but hates blood, ignores the laws of the world but insists on his own principles, is taciturn and “makes promises.”

“The Dark Knight” The Joker

With the vigorous cooperation of Director Gordon, Batman is no longer a lonely hero, and Gotham City is returning from the edge of darkness to a clean and safe city. A madman named “The Joker” appeared at this time. He doesn’t care about money, nor does he seek fame or fortune. He creates explosions and massacres. All The Joker has to do is to reconsider humanity. He wants to force Batman, who never kills, to stain his hands.

“Saw” Jigsaw Killer

Jigsaw Killer is a middle-aged and elderly person who has no hands and is terminally ill. Because of his unsatisfactory married life and terminal illness, this old man decided to proclaim himself a god after failing suicide and choose some people who have been doing nothing all day. Come as the target of the trial, the trial process is a variety of incredible traps and cruel puzzles, and the tricks are deadly.

“Léon” Norman Stanfield

The classic villain’s image has even overshadowed the two protagonists. It can be said that “Léon” without GARY will be much inferior. Neuroticism, art, and madness, he expresses these vividly and vividly, which is frightening.

“The Silence of the Lambs” Hannibal

A middle-aged man with very high IQ, quick thinking and a little psychopath. He has a hobby of cannibalism. He is composed, calm, knowledgeable and resourceful. Although the police kept him in a prison where he was heavily mentally ill, they still had to admit that he was beyond ordinary psychiatric knowledge, so Clarice was sent to ask him about the case. In the last face-to-face conversation between the two of them, he gave Clarice the information. He then used the opportunity of two police officers to bring him dinner and successfully escaped from prison.

“Inglourious Basterds” Hans Landa

The German colonel, the slaughterer, killed people like hell and turned the world into a brutal hell. He was nicknamed “Jewish Hunter” and was famous for his efficient killing of Jews. He is courteous, an elegant gentleman, talks witty and humorous, but kills people like hemp, and treats people of color like weeds. The last second was still talking to you in harmony, and the next second started to kill. This role was completely played, so that Christopher Waltz picked it up with this role: the best actor at the 62nd Cannes International Film Festival, Best Supporting Actor at the 67th Golden Globe Awards and Best Supporting Actor at the 82nd Oscar Awards.

“A Clockwork Orange” Alex

A young man who does no evil, his special preference is to adulterate women while listening to Beethoven’s symphony. Later, because of the murder of a single woman, he was sent to prison and received a special personality treatment. After he was released from prison, he became completely tired of lewdness. But when he returned home, the surrounding people did not change their old views of him. Under the weight of all kinds of discrimination, he ran to a villa on the outskirts to catch his breath, but he did not want to meet his enemy.

“Schindler’s List” Amon Goeth

A Nazi SS officer stationed in Poland, responsible for the Plaszow concentration camp. After the war, he was arrested and sentenced to hang.

“Se7en” John Doe

The murderer of serial homicides. Dissatisfied with the ugly human nature of society, a series of murders were carried out with the purpose of the “seven deadly sins” in the Catholic teachings.

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