12 movie routines that have deceived everyone for many years!

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12 movie routines that have deceived everyone for many years! Reveal the secret for you today, come and see!

Nowadays, many people watch movies and it is easy to substitute the things in the movie into reality, but they forget that movies are works of art after all and will be reprocessed!

Here are some movie routines that are easy to believe:

Super monitoring

Movie: The surveillance screen can be zoomed in at will to see the face of the target task clearly
Reality: Only a bunch of mosaics can be seen when the monitor is over-magnified

Magical ventilation duct

Movie: You can easily hide in the ventilation duct
Reality: ventilation ducts are generally very narrow

Gorgeous explosion

Movie: A huge fireball rises when the bomb explodes
Reality: There was only a lot of dust and smoke when the bomb exploded

Horrible piranha

Movie: Human beings will be gnawed away as long as they fall into the waters of piranhas in a few seconds
Reality: Piranhas are very timid and hardly take the initiative to attack humans

Quicksand every second

Movie: People falling into quicksand will soon be submerged
Reality: Quicksand is very dense, and it is difficult for humans and animals to submerge

Wacky Adrenaline

Movie: Adrenaline must hit the heart
Reality: Adrenaline must be injected intravenously

Black hole on the plane

Movie: If there is a hole in the fuselage of an airplane, everyone will be sucked out of the airplane
Reality: The pressure between the cabin and the outside will quickly reach equilibrium, and then the noise in the cabin will be very loud

Magma is like a pond

Movie: Man sinks in magma
Reality: The magma is so dense that humans cannot be submerged, they will only get stuck there and be burned out slowly

The alien killer who comes at any time

Movie: At any time an asteroid will approach the earth and cause destruction
Reality: Astronomers can predict all asteroids close to Earth in the next 100 years

Obvious anti-theft facility

Movie: Valuables in banks and museums are protected by visible laser beams
Reality: There are laser security equipment, but they are invisible to the naked eye

Tough car

Movie: On a ramp, a car can easily fly up to 10 meters and land easily
Reality: Such a leap can cause damage to the frame, or even the entire car overturned

Fragile human

Movie: People who are shot will immediately fall to the ground
Reality: If a person is not hit by the key, he can usually run a distance

Do you know any “misleading” movie routines?

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