Inventory a large number of movies constantly recurring 7 plots

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Do the protagonists always kiss before saving the world ? Inventory a large number of movies constantly recurring 7 plots.

Once you have watched many movies, you may find yourself able to guess the direction of certain movie plots.

This is because a large number of movies always repeat certain plots. This may have a lot to do with the audience like this kind of plot.

However, if we look at it from a life-oriented perspective, these plots do not seem to fit the real situation.

For example, women love to eat ice cream when they are sad, or before saving the world, the protagonist will always have a kiss scene.

Let’s learn about 7 plots that you can see repeatedly in a large number of movies.

  1. Before saving the world, the protagonist still has time to kiss.

This is a plot that always appears in a lot of movies, facing a huge challenge.

For example, certain moments of life and death, or before disasters that destroy the world.

There is always a relationship scene in the movie, the hero and the hero will stop and say a lot of nasty words, kiss again, and then start to save the world.

This plot is very strange, because in the originally tight plot, time is obviously very urgent, but how come the hero and heroine still have so much time to waste?

  1. Use a paperclip to escape.

There is such a magical setting in a large number of movies, once the protagonist is trapped, such as being handcuffed or locked in a prison or closed space.

Then, as the plot progresses, they may secretly obtain a paperclip, and then use it to unlock the lock and finally escape.

  1. When sad, the heroine will eat ice cream.

In movies, we can often see such a plot where the heroine falls into extreme sadness after being broken in love.

Whether it is a real love movie or a comedy-themed movie, we can often see the heroines start to eat ice cream in this situation. It seems that ice cream can relieve their pain.

Scientists have indeed studied this situation, and believe that eating ice cream when you are sad may activate chemicals in the body, thereby creating a sense of satisfaction.

Not most women in life do this, but the movie gives us such an illusion.

  1. The good dad in the disaster movie.

In a large number of disaster films, they all like to portray a daughter and a good father.

And the protagonist is usually the divorced father, because he can’t always accompany the child, so the relationship with the child is worse.

After the disaster, they began to break through all obstacles just to save their daughter. In the end, the protagonist could always rescue her daughter and the relationship with her daughter was restored.

  1. Smart people have annoying personality.

In many movies, if certain geniuses are introduced, whether they are criminals or detectives or ordinary people, they are often described as having personality defects.

Possess annoying personality and behavior habits, and may even have certain mental illnesses.

Take the world-famous novel character detective Sherlock Holmes. This character is very smart and can handle mysteries and cases that no one can solve, but his life and behavior are messed up.

Some people even think that the setting of this role is basically a mental illness, because he has no interest in the opposite sex, and of course, he has no interest in men.

  1. A rich man falls in love with an ordinary girl.

Many people like the “Cinderella” story, and filmmakers know it well.

Therefore, we always see a wealthy, well-educated person in various movies suddenly become obsessed with an ordinary girl.

Then they started chasing this girl crazily, and in the end their love stories were very happy.

  1. The beauty of the villain will “abandon the dark and cast the light”.

If you see a beauty in the villain camp in the movie, and the makeup does not look so evil, there are some differences in behavior from other villains.

In all likelihood, this beauty will fall to the protagonist in the subsequent development of the plot, to truly “cast the dark and cast the light”.

Do you know other plots that often appear in a large number of movies?

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