Where is the monster universe going after “Godzilla vs. Kong”?

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Where is the monster universe going after “Godzilla vs. Kong”? Screenwriter: Compressed human scenes.

Although we cannot confirm whether the previously rumored “Son of Kong” will be the next work of the monster movie universe.But what is certain now is that the performance of “Godzilla vs. Kong” makes Legendary Pictures very satisfied, and the monster movie universe will indeed continue.

Recently, screenwriter Max Borenstein talked about some of his thoughts on this issue.

Where is the monster universe going after "Godzilla vs. Kong"?

Max Borenstein has participated in the script creation of all four monster movie universes, so he is one of the builders of the entire story line of the previous monster universe.

He said he has heard some very exciting things being planned, but he can’t disclose it now.

Legendary Pictures handled these projects very well, and of course he already has some good ideas.

And every time he was able to participate in it, he was very excited.

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With the success of “Godzilla vs. Kong”, he feels that some new and interesting projects will be confirmed next.

Although he could not officially confirm anything, the success of “Godzilla vs. Kong” is obvious to all.

It proves that everyone still wants to see something interesting and vibrant in the theater.

As for some of his thoughts that Max Borenstein said, perhaps the content mentioned in the interview a few days ago hinted something.

When asked if it is feasible to reduce human scenes in future movies.

Where is the monster universe going after "Godzilla vs. Kong"?

Max Borenstein replied that he thinks this is completely feasible, and he did have such an idea, he personally thinks it will be very cool.

He said that given the success of “Godzilla vs. Kong”, he thinks it is possible for Legendary Pictures to plan in the next phase.

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He thinks that movies that reduce human scenes are also possible, and they are very ambitious, just like “Mad Max 4.”

Where is the monster universe going after "Godzilla vs. Kong"?

By compressing the human scene to a minimum, the monster character is portrayed in more detail.

The human scene is the most complained place in monster universe movies.

Especially the terrible attempt of “Godzilla”, which intends to forcibly bind the human scene with the monster scene, directly led to the mutual influence of the two story lines.

Although this point was partially resolved in “Godzilla vs. Kong”, the human scene still did not attract much interest.

In this case, trying to compress or even completely delete the human scene is indeed a flattering choice, but it will also appear to be very risky.

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Although fans have repeatedly asked for the compression of human scenes, Hollywood blockbusters have never completely separated monster characters from human characters, and even the biggest animated movies rarely do so.

Where is the monster universe going after "Godzilla vs. Kong"?

And like “Transformers”, fans have long called for a pure Transformers movie without human beings, but it hasn’t been released for so many years.

Hollywood films have always implemented typical American ethical concepts, self-centered, and “people-oriented” are more obvious than any other film.

So, a monster movie without anyone is basically impossible in Hollywood.

However, it is very possible to compress the scene. “Godzilla vs. Kong” sets up the relationship between Kong and the little girl. This is already the sign.

Where is the monster universe going after "Godzilla vs. Kong"?

Kong and the little girl, just like “Leon”‘s uncle and loli, this relationship can be expanded in the future.

Another piece of news worth mentioning recently is that the legendary film industry that created “Pacific Rim”, “The Great Wall” and “Monster Movie Universe” is now seeking to sell or merge.

Legendary Pictures was established in 2000 and was acquired by Wanda in 2016.

This is why there are so many Chinese elements in later films such as “Pacific Rim2” and “Kong: Skull Island”, and the promotion in mainland China will be more active.

Where is the monster universe going after "Godzilla vs. Kong"?

But now, I don’t know what the situation is, it looks like it is about to change the owner.

At present, no commercial heads have expressed their intentions, nor are they sure what impact it will have on the future of the monster movie universe.

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