The love of a mature woman in Ye-jin Son’s “Thirty-Nine”

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JTBC, which focuses on the use of big-name actors, has newly released the mature woman love drama “Thirty-Nine” starring Ye-jin Son.

On February 16, the first episode of “Thirty-Nine” opened with a rating of 4.406%. Judging from Ye-jin Son’s appeal to the nation’s first love, it’s not bad.

The love of a mature woman in Ye-jin Son's "Thirty-Nine"

01 Korean drama goddess, more and more dare to face age

As the girls who watched Korean dramas in those days entered middle age one after another, the goddesses of Korean dramas of that year are also about to enter the year of no confusion.

However, they did not go to great lengths to occupy the young roles of seventeen or eighteen-year-olds. Instead, they faced their age and walked into the TV series of mature woman.

The love of a mature woman in Ye-jin Son's "Thirty-Nine"

For example, Hye-kyo Song’s “Now, We Are Breaking Up” last year, although it is a middle-aged idol drama, the characters in it are in their thirties, which is not much different from her age.

This “Thirty-Nine” is even better, it’s like shouting out, I will play myself, and I will be forty next year!

Moreover, through the efforts of eighteen layers of filters, the audience still sees the beautiful goddess.

The love of a mature woman in Ye-jin Son's "Thirty-Nine"

Not only will the audience not have a psychological gap, but they will also be amazed that there are still people in their 30s or 40s who are still so beautiful! Time does not defeat beauty.

02 The love of mature women is gaining more and more attention

Although the nature of idol Korean dramas are fairy tales, because of the popularity of mature woman romance dramas in recent years, this group’s concept of love has attracted more and more attention.

Usually in domestic dramas, the love of older young women with the theme of urging marriage, in Korean dramas, has all kinds of dreaming possibilities, which has to be said to let mature women breathe.

The love of a mature woman in Ye-jin Son's "Thirty-Nine"

Getting married has never been the only way for a mature woman to look to the end of her life. And love is still what they pursue through thorns and thorns.

The love of a mature woman in Ye-jin Son's "Thirty-Nine"

From this perspective, Korea’s mature woman idol drama also has a certain significance.

03 Don’t be a young sunny boy, can a mature woman talk about an evenly matched love?

In recent years, the most popular love routine in Korean idol dramas is sister and brother love, that is, when a young sunny boy or a cool and domineering boy meets his sisters, they chase after them and finally hug them back.

“Search: WWW” is like this, “Now, We Are Breaking Up” is like this, and so is “Forecasting Love and Weather” starring Kang Song and Min-young Park next door.

The love of a mature woman in Ye-jin Son's "Thirty-Nine"

It’s not that they are bad, but that a mature woman with both wisdom and beauty can talk about a love that is evenly matched rather than full of fairy tales?

Just like Hyun Bin and Ye-jin Son in reality.

Immediately, “Thirty-Nine” will be arranged for everyone.

The love of a mature woman in Ye-jin Son's "Thirty-Nine"

The first episode of “Thirty-Nine” featured two male and female couples.

The first pair is Ye-jin Son and a doctor who is also in the medical beauty industry. Both of them were born in medicine, and they both had a lot of fate with the orphanage. The evenly matched love really started at the end of the first episode.

Sending the ambiguous lines of the first episode of this drama, are you going to my house to see flowers? Do you mean to have sex with me?

I finished this part with the feeling of “is this something I can watch for free?”. Sure enough, it’s an adult’s emotional life, which is so neat and straight to the point.

Then, she was still the capable heroine character in Korean dramas. After finishing her work, she put on her clothes and left. Even the male protagonist does not agree to take him to the door, and refuses to meet in the future.

The love of a mature woman in Ye-jin Son's "Thirty-Nine"

When it comes to sex, when women do not procrastinate, men begin to think about it very much and feel uneasy.

The couple’s love seems to be more coincidental than chemical, and it all depends on Ye-jin Son’s good looks.

The love of a mature woman in Ye-jin Son's "Thirty-Nine"

Therefore, the screenwriter arranged a second pair that was controversial and full of topics: Jeong Chan-young’s extramarital affair with a married man.

04 First love or extramarital affairs, only one thought

Jeong Chan-young, played by Mi-do Jeon, is one of the two best friends in Ye-jin Son’s drama and one of the three people in the protagonist group.

Unlike Ye-jin Son who fell in love with an unmarried man, the screenwriter gave Jeong Chan-young’s love, revealing the sorrow of ancient Korean dramas.

She fell in love with a senior when she was a student, and then she had an accident at her job interview, and they broke up because of anger.

The love of a mature woman in Ye-jin Son's "Thirty-Nine"

The senior went abroad to study in anger. After he came back, although he unexpectedly had a pregnant girlfriend, is he getting married? Or let the person you don’t love kill the child and reconnect with Jeong Chan-young?

The senior chose to get married. Whether you have feelings for your girlfriend or not, at least you have feelings for your own flesh and blood.

It can only be said that he made the choice that most modern men would make. But at the same time, he maintains a romantic relationship with Jeong Chan-young.

The love of a mature woman in Ye-jin Son's "Thirty-Nine"

Although, this relationship lasted for ten years, and neither of them had skin-to-skin relationship. They just eat, drink, and watch movies a lot.

If it is considered a spiritual derailment, they also practiced various daily life of couples such as eating, drinking, and watching movies.

If it is said that this is a substantive derailment, they do not have any intimate actions.

The love of a mature woman in Ye-jin Son's "Thirty-Nine"

Most importantly, Jeong Chan-young waited ten years for the day when the man divorced. And she told herself that it was not an extramarital affair, because the two did not have sex.

If you were this senior, would you get a divorce?

Certainly not, right?

You have a housekeeping wife, obedient children, and a lover who understands you. Why do you want a divorce?

The love of a mature woman in Ye-jin Son's "Thirty-Nine"

Jeong Chan-young thinks otherwise.

She has been entangled, she met the senior first, so they are not extramarital affairs. She has always regretted that she broke up with the senior, but they still love each other deeply.

Wake up!

The love of a mature woman in Ye-jin Son's "Thirty-Nine"

The person who loves you deeply, why let other women have children? In the end, it’s still because you don’t have fate, or he doesn’t love you enough.

If you can quietly wait ten years for him, he will think you can wait another twenty years. This is human nature.

The love of a mature woman in Ye-jin Son's "Thirty-Nine"

Anyway, at the end of episode 2, Jeong Chan-young finally told the man he had been waiting for for ten years before he turned 40 that he was going to separate.

However, according to Ye-jin Son’s narration, it seems that soon, Jeong Chan-young will die.

Will the scumbag wake up?

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