“My Brilliant Friend Season 3” is on the air, why is “scumbag” Nino so popular

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Recently, “My Brilliant Friend Season 3” was launched, and I couldn’t help opening Hulu to read the movie review. As expected, it was another season in which a group called “scumbag” Nino.

Based on the novel “Neapolitan Novels” by Italian author Elena Ferrante, the play tells the half-life friendship between two women, Elena and Lila, in the Naples slums in the 1940s and 1950s.

Among them, Nino, one of the male protagonists who loomed in the growth and life of the two women, pierced the love of the two heroines like a needle.

"My Brilliant Friend Season 3" is on the air, why is "scumbag" Nino so popular

In the second season, Elena was surprised and sad to see Lila and Nino together.

Whether in the play or in the novel, Nino is a personal heartthrob, and two heroines with very different personalities both fall in love with him (Elena had a crush on him for nearly 20 years, and Lila abandoned her husband for him) , not to mention the crazy girl A B C D in the novel.

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I asked a few female friends around me who were following the drama, and everyone hated Nino’s scumbag almost overwhelmingly.

What kind of person is Nino?

He’s been the smartest and handsome boy on the block since he was a kid, but not the sunshine type.

His handsomeness revealed melancholy and cowardice, as Elena said to herself: “He was so handsome, with neatly combed hair, long eyelashes, and thin and nervous.”

Nino always looks arrogant and thinking.

"My Brilliant Friend Season 3" is on the air, why is "scumbag" Nino so popular

He was different from other boys since he was a child, and he disdain to play the game of throwing stones with those hairy children. He likes to study, gets good grades, and likes to think.

As he grew up, he became more and more independent and rebellious – all because he didn’t want to be like his father.

His father, a railway bureau clerk, likes to publish poems and literary reviews in local newspapers in his spare time.

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He was romantic and affectionate, and showed “love” to other women without exception. When others went crazy because of ambiguity, he turned and left gracefully: “This is not my intention, I’m sorry, I made you fall in love with me.”

The first person to see through his sour and hypocritical nature was probably his son Nino.

Because of this, Nino hates his father and Naples. His growth seems to be to distance himself from his father.

He strives to read more books, understand literature, politics and philosophy, and strive to see the farther and bigger outside world.

Nino has seen through his father since he was a child.

"My Brilliant Friend Season 3" is on the air, why is "scumbag" Nino so popular

When boys of the same age were thinking about which girl to pursue, Nino was running for the public interest. He talked passionately about the gap between the rich and the poor, and impassionedly called for a peaceful revolution…

His every move made him glow in the crowd.

This is probably the part that Elena and Lila and the other girls yearn for. They all see in Nino the projection of their own desires, the ideal and passion that transcends their environment.

Ironically, perhaps at some point in his life, Nino suddenly realized that he was full of fatherly qualities.

As a result, he hated his father even more, and inevitably conformed to this trait—he discovered that he had the same gift for manipulating women as his father.

In fact, he knew better than his father how to play with women’s appreciation and admiration.

In front of possible objects, Nino effortlessly strikes the hearts of girls. He is talkative, cheerful, and passionate, yet gentle, vulnerable, and nervous.

"My Brilliant Friend Season 3" is on the air, why is "scumbag" Nino so popular

He knows narcissistically that these contradictory qualities in himself, far from being annoying, inspire a possessiveness in women that is a mixture of motherhood, appreciation, desire, and tenderness.

Nino makes many people feel familiar, probably the same world, the same “scum” temperament.

The inertia was so easy that he didn’t want to resist it at all. He took advantage of these women’s admiration for him and turned his life around again and again.

And these girls almost think they are great and try their best to help him, even if they know that they are just a pink peach blossom in Nino’s life.

Nino hates his hypocritical father, but he purposely chooses to fall in love with Mariarosa, the daughter of a high school teacher, just to enter that Kochi circle.

He is close to Elena, partly because Elena’s fiancé’s family is full of highly respected scholars…

I think that in Nino’s life, he must have struggled countless times to get rid of his father’s “bad genes”. However, the thought seems to have only flashed by.

After that, he easily slipped into his comfort zone and continued to use his strengths to make girl after girl fall in love with him.

"My Brilliant Friend Season 3" is on the air, why is "scumbag" Nino so popular

In the entire four-part series, there is only one time when Nino completely bid farewell to the “scumbag” in his body.

This is probably the most sincere one for Nino.

He was once attracted by Lila’s strength and intelligence, and almost wanted to give up everything and run away with Lila.

But this decision was too fragile, and after a few quarrels, he decided to give up, “You can be yourself if you want, but don’t drag me into the water.”

After all, he loves smart women, but can’t tolerate Lila being stronger than him.

Nino is the kind of guy that girls can tell right away in a crowd, he’s dazzling and passionate, he’s vulnerable and he wants to depend.

He’s shrouded in idealism, but unless you’ve been hurt by him, you don’t know his deep-seated egoism.

Another actor, Enzo, is simply the opposite of Nino. He is like a silent mountain, firm and gentle, doing more and saying less.

You can always trust Enzo, but girls, why didn’t you fall in love with Enzo!

However, as I said earlier, girls like Nino not because of how irreplaceable Nino is, but because of his characteristics, which happens to be the projection of everyone’s desire, the white moonlight that people really want.

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