“Thirty-Nine” is realistic and healing, you can always trust Ye-jin Son

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The Korean drama “Thirty-Nine” has just aired 2 episodes, and the IMDB rating is 7.9. You can always trust Ye-jin Son.

“Thirty-Nine”, starring Ye-jin Son, Mi-do Jeon and others, is about the friendship, love and life of three good friends who have been together since high school at the age of 18 until they are about to turn 40.

39 years old, what will it be like?

"Thirty-Nine" is realistic and healing, you can always trust Ye-jin Son

The beginning of the story is described as follows: 39 years old is the age when people enjoy stretching and stretching the most, 39 years old is the age when they like to eat fried rice cakes like 18 years old, 39 years old is the age when they use high-priced cosmetics and makeup to be obedient, 39 years old It is the age when you start to pay attention to health care, 39 is the age when you don’t ask your parents for money when you drink alcohol, 39 is the age when you will actively avoid weddings and anniversary banquets, but actively participate in the farewell ceremony…

"Thirty-Nine" is realistic and healing, you can always trust Ye-jin Son

These are the 39-year-olds, realistic and wonderful.

In order to catch the audience’s attention, today’s Korean dramas have long stopped playing the eight-episode rule, and the love of adults is progressing rapidly.

The first episode staged a romantic one-night stand, explaining the incestuous love of the best friend and the brother-in-law love with Xiao Xianrou.

However, their ordinary and warm lives will soon have a major turning point. They have also reached the age where they will face life and death with their loved ones. The follow-up development of the series is also exciting.

"Thirty-Nine" is realistic and healing, you can always trust Ye-jin Son

This kind of female group drama, which focuses on mature women, looks at the world from a female perspective, and analyzes many women’s social problems, has attracted wide attention today.

At the same time, the broadcast began after Ye-jin Son announced his marriage to Hyun Bin, which also made the show even more popular.

Ye-jin Son plays Cha Mi-jo, the director of Gangnam Dermatology, who maintains her usual sweet temperament, with elegant and charming long curly hair.

Cha Mi-jo has never had a family, but she has her own career, and even if she is replaced, she still insists on her ideals, and even wants to continue studying abroad.

"Thirty-Nine" is realistic and healing, you can always trust Ye-jin Son

Although she was adopted, she has a loving family and a sister who loves her very much.

So in her world, age has never been the fundamental definition of everything, as long as you live, you must maintain eternal vitality.

Do what you want to do and fight for your future.

Ye-jin Son said when he read the script that this character is very similar to himself.

Not only are they similar in age, but also have a positive attitude towards life and career, and even many of the lines in the script are what they usually say. They also like to play golf.

"Thirty-Nine" is realistic and healing, you can always trust Ye-jin Son

During the filming, Ye-jin Son’s 40th birthday just passed.

It can be felt that even though Cha Mi-jo in the play is 39 years old, he is like a child who will never grow up in the sparring with his sister and in the interaction with his girlfriends.

Ye-jin Son also said at the press conference, “Even if you are 40 years old, you will not become a mature adult. I hope that everyone will not be constrained by numbers, but should reflect on themselves, feel the years, and feel life every day.”

I believe that many women who are about to turn 40 have more or less troubles in their lives and relationships.

"Thirty-Nine" is realistic and healing, you can always trust Ye-jin Son

Maybe looking at their 39 years old will give you more courage, or encourage yourself to make more choices.

In the Korean drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up”, the friendship between the heroine and her best friend is deeply portrayed, and Mi-sook will leave because of cancer.

Before leaving, she didn’t just immerse herself in sadness and become decadent. Instead, she did her best to her husband, children, and friends, and used her last strength to love everyone and accompany her.

Her courage inspired her friends and gave those who stayed more power to live a good life.

In the movie “신화”, the emotional outlook of several mature women resonated with many audiences.

They have different personalities and show a more distinct and individual emotional attitude.

There is a famous scene in the movie where several women discuss the incompleteness of what a woman has not experienced in her life. There is no standard answer to this question.

As Ma Yili expressed in the interview, the complete self should not be defined by others, but by oneself to determine life.

No matter how old you are, enjoy the long live, the feeling of the process is greater than the result.

In today’s society, we encourage women to reject appearance anxiety and age anxiety because we see the beauty of many women, not divided by age.

The splendor of each stage of life is controlled by oneself, and the ups and downs are the taste of life.

Feel it, experience it, and master it yourself, so that you can achieve true inner richness and independence, and enjoy the wonderful things that belong to you.

Maturity is not about age, and youth is not only about appearance. May we enjoy growing up and transform into the best appearance with experience.

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