The remake of “The Bodyguard” exposes new dynamics, Latino stars may become protagonists


The remake of “The Bodyguard” has attracted much attention since its establishment.

A few days ago, the screenwriter of the film, Matthew Lopez, said in an interview that in this film, the story will be focused on a Latino star and she needs to be protected.

Matthew Lopez said: “I want to tell the story of a Latin star even more. And, it’s not like the character of Whitney Houston. This star has just become famous and needs to be protected. This may be closer to facts and life. Now It’s the 21st century. It’s very common to become famous overnight. So, it means she needs to be protected immediately after becoming famous. I proposed this story plan to Warner and they quickly agreed. It’s like, the original story. It’s the same as the escalation of the times”.

The remake of "The Bodyguard" exposes new dynamics, Latino stars may become protagonists

It is not difficult to see from Matthew Lopez’s rhetoric that the new version of “The Bodyguard” has at least two changes.

The first is that black stars become Latin stars.

Secondly, from the big star played by Houston to a fledgling star.

In addition, Matthew Lopez also believes that changing to a Latin star is very important because he has always hoped to “bring the story of Latin to the big screen.”

Lawrence Kasdan, the producer and screenwriter of the original film, will once again become the producer of the remake.

The original film, as always, took the path of the star lineup.

Kevin Costner still played the image of a enthusiastic, sincere, and enthusiastic tough guy.

What Whitney Houston plays in the film is actually himself.

The film’s global box office totaled 410.9 million U.S. dollars.

In fact, the remake of “The Bodyguard” has always been a production company’s dream.

Over the years, people such as Channing Tatum, Chris Hemsworth, Cardi B, Thompson, etc. are expected to appear in the new version of “The Bodyguard”, but none of them have made it.

Currently, this version of “The Bodyguard” is in the early stages of development, and there are no specific actors.

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