Finding Neverland:Seems ordinary, but can see Berry’s inner world deeply

Movie Review

Before or even during the “Finding Neverland” movie, some viewers did not know who the down-and-out playwright was. All I know is that he wrote a stage play, and the evaluation of that play is not good.

Seeing that Johnny Depp did not paint with exaggerated and heavy makeup, it is not very accustomed to perform with weird and exaggerated characters. Under the premise of stereotypes, the combination with Kate Winslet is always indescribable. The violation. But it’s okay, because the movie as a whole is very appetizing to the audience.

The protagonist James Berry goes to the park to relax, write, and meet the Davis family. During his time with the Davis family, Berry also gradually created Neverland and the well-known Peter Pan.

The movie presents Berry’s vivid imagination in a very interesting way to characterize his personality traits that are different from ordinary people. Including his first performance for the children of Davis, without props, just throwing out an idea, and inviting the audience present to imagine a story of dancing with a bear with him, showing that he is The traits of a playwright. For an amateur text creator, this part of Berry’s characteristics is deeply portrayed is very moving, but also awe-inspiring. In order to bring out that he was so immersed in his own world that his wife could not intervene in his world, there was a scene where I was deeply impressed. When he and his wife walked into their respective rooms, the wife’s door opened and it was dark, and he There is a colorful world in the door of his room. Such a metaphor is very interesting.

There are several scenes of slow-motion captures that give people a clue to Peter Pan. When the children don’t want to sleep and play in bed, Berry imagines them flying out of the window one by one; or when the grandmother scolds the children, There happened to be a fishing hook, and this was the prototype of Captain Hook. No matter how dull it is, I find this is Peter Pan.

Although Peter Pan’s name is taken from the Faun in Greek mythology, this semi-autobiographical film has another interpretation, revealing that Peter Pan’s name is taken from the difficult child in Davis, Peter.

Contrary to Peter Pan, who never grows up, Peter is a child who is eager to grow up. After facing the huge pain of losing his father, his precocious attitude made him lose his child’s innocence. To some extent, Berry mostly saw his childhood and past in Peter. For Peter and for himself in the past, Peter Pan’s figure was embodied, jumped onto the stage, and staged scenes of adventures. This is to guide Peter to grow, to Berry it is to save.

In a conversation with George, Berry also hinted that the moment a boy grows up does not depend on his actual age. Compared with Peter Pan’s “never grow up” trait, it seems to have produced an interesting spark, like saying that no matter how old boys grow up, maybe they will grow up in the same line for various reasons. , The past that was left behind, the childish self-became the shadow of memory and became Peter Pan. Only occasionally can I meet him again when I connect with Neverland.

The conflict and reconciliation between Berry and his wife, what outsiders think of Berry and Davis’s mistress, and his decision to jointly guard these children who eventually lost their relatives are all the themes of Berry’s life. Every time Berry played with the Davis children was a refuge for him to escape the marital problems with his wife, so that he and his wife finally fell in love with others. This is Berry only caring about his inner self. The sequelae of imagination. However, it was undoubtedly the Davis family that rescued him from the inner world. They gave Berry endless creative inspiration, and finally presented an immortal classic.

Using a little creativity, Berry invited the children from the orphanage to come and watch the show with the adults of the upper class. The joy filled the whole theater with the childlike storyline, which was unexpected and touching. Big success.

In the stage version of “Peter Pan and Wendy”, it can be seen that it is not exactly the same as Disney’s cartoon. In the movie, there is also a metaphor for facing death, which is reflected in the play. , Is the fear in Peter’s heart that worries about his mother. With the unique healing effect of drama, Peter has embarked on the path of growth.

The whole movie looks very ordinary, even the fantasy world scene is not very exaggerated, no special effects, but in-depth look at Berry’s inner world, and the comparison of “Peter Pan” already has its symbol Meaningful classic fictional character, this movie is really the two sides of “the moment when a child grows up” or “the adults in society return to the innocence and regain their childlike innocence” among many movies related to Peter Pan. Conceptually, there is the best capture and contrast.

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