Pina-ein Tanzfilm in 3D


The famous German director Wim Wenders was deeply attracted by the “first lady of German modern dance” when he watched Pina Bausch appear in “Café Müller” for the first time. He and Pina quickly became close friends, and the idea of ​​a cooperative film came up. However, shortly after the filming plan was announced, Pina died of lung cancer, and the entire filming plan was shelved.

Later, the film used Pina’s dance works “Café Müller”, “Rites of Spring” and “Full Moon” throughout the memories of her students and friends, and at the same time projected the lens to the industrial landscape city of Upata. , Three-dimensional interpretation of Pina’s unique dance aesthetics, leaving the most beautiful hymn to this great dancer.

In “Pina”, Pina only appears in images from the archive material, including three Pina dances: “Café Müller” (1978), “Rites of Spring” (1975) and “Full Moon” (2006), and the focus of the film is on the main dancers of the Wuppertal Dance Theater. The film was shot with Pina Bausch and all members of the Wuppertal Dance Theater, using advanced 3D technology to showcase the exciting and unparalleled modern dance art created by Pina. The film leads the audience on a journey of visual sensory discovery, projecting this legendary dance theater onto the screen in a new dimension. In addition, Wenders’ footage will follow the dancers leaving the theater and walking into Wuppertal, a city full of industrial landscapes, where Pina takes root. For more than 35 years, Here has always been the center of her creative life.

The 3D technology used in the film beautifully presents Pina’s passionate and creative modern dance art. Don’t miss it for dance majors!

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