Jiro Dreams of Sushi


Born in 1925, おのじろう is the oldest Michelin three-star chef in the world and is known as the “God of Sushi”. Throughout his life, he has been holding sushi, and he will always ask himself and his apprentices to the highest standards, observe the dining conditions of the guests and fine-tune the sushi to ensure that the guests enjoy the ultimate taste. He even wears gloves when he is not working and even sleeps in order to protect the hands that create sushi.

His sushi restaurant “Sukiyabashi Jiro” is world-renowned. From ingredients, preparation to the moment of entrance, every step is carefully calculated. This small storefront hidden in the basement of the Ginza office building has been awarded the highest rating of three stars by the gourmet bible “Michelin Guide” for two consecutive years. Anyone who has eaten it will admire that this is a delicacy worth waiting for a lifetime.

The film records おの じろう’s attitude towards his profession from an unpretentious perspective. He said: “You have to fall in love with your work… Even at my age, the work has not reached perfection… I will continue to climb, trying to climb to the top, but no one knows where the top is. .”

The soundtrack of the “God of Sushi” documentary of the same name is amazing. It opens with a symphony. The violin’s bow-jumping technique is lively and joyous. It complements the switching of images from frame to frame. It seems that you can hear it from the tune paragraph without looking at the screen. The clues and rhythms of some stories.おの じろう’s skillful technique is full of bright musicality, and various ingredients and seasonings are like tadpoles on the symphony sheet music together to compose a moving movement of multiple performances.

“The God of Sushi” brings to the audience far more than its food theme.おの じろう’s words and deeds are like four words he wrote stroke by stroke-career and official affairs.

In the film, the audience will see behind the delicious sushi, the effort and uncompromising belief and attitude. The spirit of Japanese Zen culture expressed throughout the film is very strong. Including the pursuit of the ultimate craftsman spirit for specific things.

The God of Sushi tells us that no matter whether you are on campus or embarking on a job, you can reach the ideal side only if you require yourself to be dedicated, strive for perfection, and pursue excellence.

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