“About Time‎” Review: Make every ordinary day extraordinarily!

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If you had the superpower to travel back in time, what day in your life would you want to go back to? What touching and warm do you want to relive again? What regrets do you want to try to make up for and change? In “About Time‎”, the male protagonist Tim faced such confusion.

Being shy and reserved by nature, he learned that he has the ability to travel from generation to generation. For Tim, this is a blessing in disguise.

Since then, the troubles of life have become a game of schadenfreude, and he just needs to go back to the past and make changes.


So the mistakes of the past no longer exist, and he has the capital to repent. The blunt interpersonal relationship will not appear, and he has the freedom to manipulate arbitrarily;

Even in the face of half-understood love, he also has the chicness to join forces back and forth.

However, the transmigration ability changed the male protagonist’s performance, but he failed to guide his love, let alone lead his life.

As for Tim, who is young and stupid but yearns for love, the most important thing to do is to use this ability to help him get a girlfriend and taste the sweet taste of love.

But Tim was not a good student. When he confessed to the girl who came to his family for the summer vacation, the girl told him that if he confessed on the first day, the result might be different.

So he returned to the first day, thinking that he could do what he wanted, but the girl said that he should wait until the last day to confess.

Perhaps, even with the ability to travel through time and space, it does not mean everything is omnipotent. Like the timing of confession, a woman’s heart is still mysteriously elusive.

If you look at the meaning of the discussion time, it also shows the characteristics that the key timing has always been difficult to grasp. Even when you think about it, you can only sigh that the world is unpredictable and just smile.

But when Tim met his future wife, Mary, after a job in London, the superpower came into play.


Originally clumsy dialogue can be repaired again and again until the other person is moved and satisfied, and the original imperfect behavior can also be practiced again and again to achieve perfection. Therefore, the two people’s love affair unfolded smoothly, they fell in love, got married, had children, and spent their lives together.

Although the story is surreal, people can’t have the superpower to go back to the past, but back to the real level, the magic that comes back again and again is like a process of accumulating experience, a process of continuous trial and error. )the result of.

It also reminds people of the importance of practice and trial and error. Things may not be successful after a try. It takes a corresponding amount of time to bring about certain results. Time represents experience.

The dramatic setting of “About Time‎” has opened up our fantasies, but it doesn’t stop there. While it gives the male protagonist unrestrained imagination and authority, it also allows the male protagonist to experience many contradictions, which in turn prompts the audience to think together.

Superpowers are added to the movie, and the men of the protagonist’s family can travel through time and space to the past and change their lives.

But in fact, after watching this movie, I don’t think it is a superpower movie at all.

There is no special effect, no life with ups and downs after time travel, this super power will not make you feel cool, some are just plain life mixed with surprises, pain, sadness and happiness.


I personally still like this kind of superpower handling, which is similar to “Chronicle‎” to a certain extent, focusing on the changes superpowers have on the real life of the protagonist.

Closer to home, unlike American love movies, this British film has a slower rhythm of the love story.

Even, “About Time‎” is not limited to the theme of love. It is more like starting from a love story and using the superpower of time and space to explore the true meaning of life from a novel perspective.

In this regard, the protagonist’s father is a good guide, full of life wisdom.

Tim, who can always make up for the regrets of his life, did not see his real sadness even at his father’s funeral.

Because of his super power, he has crossed the isolation of death. As long as he is willing, close his eyes and clench his fists, he can return to any time and space in the past to get along with his father.

His father’s funeral is the thought and farewell of others to his father, but it is not his. His father’s figure has never really left him, and Tim never really needs to face the sadness of his father’s passing.

It was not until the development of the plot brought restrictions on the use of superpowers that he had to make a choice between his new life and the connection with his father. Only then did he truly experience the reluctance and sadness of saying goodbye to his father.

The last time he traveled through time and space to see his father, the embrace and dialogue between the two was the funeral that Tim attended in person. This is the most moving part of the movie. The walk of father and son arouses our desire and reluctance for family affection in our hearts.

We always say goodbye in the midst of old, weak and dead, but the movie magic that travels through time and space opens up new imaginations.

If we can be like Tim, we can choose the time we want and say goodbye to the people who have passed away, and a lot of reluctant emotions may have a chance to be released.

And what day in your life would you want to go back to and say goodbye to them?

Tim’s experience of life at the end of the film is to live every experience as if it were the last time over.


In this way, the previously neglected background of life suddenly became clear, and the previously dead sensory perception seemed to be revived, so the days took on different appearances and meanings.

Good days and bad days all depend on his dedication and openness. He no longer needs to travel through time and space frequently, because now he has learned to live.

And we who never have superpowers in real life will only be possible after this journey of time and space, with Peiran’s keen awareness, stepping on the steps of joy and lightness, following the waves of the river of life, unfolding day after day adventure.

In fact, the story of the film is very simple: Tim is an ordinary man who, at the age of 21, was told that the men in his family have superpowers that travel through time and space.

He travels through time to improve other people’s lives and get along better with loved ones and friends.

It wasn’t until later that he no longer needed superpowers, because he finally understood the true meaning of life.

But unlike “The Time Traveler’s Wife‎,” the film’s core is not time travel and superpowers, but emotional stories.

Although the stories that are similar to ordinary people’s life are simple and even a bit “conventional”, this is precisely the charm of this film.

"About Time‎" Review: Make every ordinary day extraordinarily!

After watching “About Time‎”, an inexplicably warm and enlightened emotion lingered in my heart.

It’s like I saw myself in Tim’s story and gained a lot of life lessons from it.

In the story of “About Time‎”, there are no particularly twisted and dark characters, no extreme dilemma, and even dramatic elements such as time travel are used very low-key.

This is a film that beautifies life and tells a warm story that gently avoids the bad parts and accurately captures the subtle and beautiful details of life, which can awaken the touch of life and love in the audience’s heart.

Real life is much more difficult than this movie.

However, as screenwriter Richard Curtis said: “Indeed, in order to deal with the difficulties and pains I encountered in my life, I wrote a lot of light-hearted comedy plots. My job is to make more people feel happy and happy, And remind them of the good things in this world. It’s worth it.”

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