“Fall‎” Review: A great idea and a decent thriller movie

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Fall’ is a surprising victory, relying on creativity to win the position, it can be said that it is opportunistic, but it is accurate to get a coincidence, full of wit, and finally succeeded in winning big with small.

‘Fall’ as a thriller, in fact, is also full of routines, is a small story that takes place in a confined space, the pattern is small, a glance can be seen through.

Even the audience can guess the end at once from the beginning, but still want to see. Why? Because it has a not bad idea.

"Fall‎" Review: A great idea and a decent thriller movie | FMV6

The biggest creative point is to put the confined space in the air, on the tower end of the 610-meter TV tower, a piece of less than 2 square meters.

Two actors, in an extremely small space, almost to tell the whole story, quite difficult, but the idea of the tower end makes ‘Fall’ different, with its own novelty point, and the height of its own thriller, not to say that it attracts thriller lovers to come around.

It can be said that from the very beginning of the project, ‘Fall’ is destined to be a relatively successful film, as long as it is not badly made. As long as it is made in a moderate manner and has a degree of completion, it is a victory.

Confined space thrillers will often be a story inside a closed room, typically like ‘Saw’.

In recent years, there has been a constant expansion of confined space, either happening in space, like ‘Passengers’; in the ocean, like ‘All Is Lost’; by the sea, like ‘The Shallows’; or in Under the Sea, like ‘Breaking Surface’ …… The most extreme version is ‘Buried’, which is curled up in an extremely small coffin.

These films seem to look less like confined space stories on the surface, but in fact all of them are, and they expand the confined space outreach, but the root formula remains exactly the same. These films have also achieved good results because of the subtlety of their material.

"Fall‎" Review: A great idea and a decent thriller movie | FMV6

The ingenuity of ‘Fall’ lies in the fact that the confined space is placed 610 meters high in the air and has an area of less than 2 square meters.

Such a high height, such a small space, to accommodate two actors, but also to tell the story of how they try to survive and complete self-help, or quite some difficulty.

At least, for the audience afraid of heights, the film is full of frightening points from the intention, do not have to look at the legs have been shaking.

And the two big-breasted girls in the film, to be so high so little place within the pain to live through three days. Do you think it’s easy?

How to live, what should they do?

Is it pure death to go to such a high place?

"Fall‎" Review: A great idea and a decent thriller movie | FMV6

Yes. And no.

Westerners always love to die, like to go to those places where others will not go to explore, but also the name of extreme sports, in the eyes of the general public is just death.

But the two girls in ‘Fall’, again, are not simply into extreme sports, especially Becky.

In order to make the whole story more reasonable, the film tells Becky’s boyfriend Dan died early, Becky fell into extreme pain and nostalgia.

Her Hunter encouraged her to go to the countryside to climb the abandoned 610-meter high TV transmitter, while challenging themselves, while bringing Dan’s ashes up, so that Dan, who likes extreme sports, drifted in the wind to the four directions, and thus Becky completely let go, out of the self, to meet the new me.

"Fall‎" Review: A great idea and a decent thriller movie | FMV6

This is a good reason and we believe it for now.

Of course, as a thriller, can go up, as for how to come down, that must make something happen to do, otherwise how can be called a thriller?

So we watched as they successfully climbed to the small platform at the top of the tower and then fulfilled their hearts’ desire to scatter Dan’s ashes. And then it was time to start the descent.

However, it is impossible to retreat very easily.

In the film, in Becky’s first descent, the old, obsolete ladder to the top broke off at once. The back way has been gone since. No ladder, want to go down safely that is simply impossible. And this, but also just the beginning of the whole thrilling story.

Then, there are all kinds of things that happen, constantly increasing the difficulty of the girls to survive, but also to keep the story thrilling and continue to advance. Details, let’s not talk about.

Overall, 100 minutes of film, a little long, minus 20 minutes of drama, the story will be more compact, minus a few small surprises can be.

To fill out the story, a few small moments in the middle are unnecessary, like the hawk attack encountered while charging at the top, which doesn’t quite make sense.

The effects of the thunderstorm didn’t seem too necessary, not to mention that the segment was shot too loosely to make much sense. Wait, several places can be deleted, and will not affect the flow of the whole story.

"Fall‎" Review: A great idea and a decent thriller movie | FMV6

The unexpected reversal in the second half of the film is also indeed a shock, adding much pathos to the whole story.

Of course, it can not be said that the film is much better. After all, if you want to pick holes, it is possible to pick out a lot of them, and the bugs will flash up from time to time.

The biggest problem is that it is not scary enough, at least not to take full advantage of the element of fear of heights, the lack of that standing in the clouds looking down on the sense of fear, the overall visual effect is really not good.

But overall it’s okay. Worth a look.

The main thing is creativity, you know this volume of films, from the actors to the director to the producer, there is no one to name, such a work is not many people will pay attention to.

If ‘Fall’ is not about the story that takes place on the 610-meter high TV tower, then, instead of other secret room type of thriller, it is estimated that the majority of viewers will not want to see it at all.

An excellent idea, and there is a good degree of completion, then do not demand anything more, look at the cool is.

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