Children of Heaven:The boy who only wanted to get the third place played the warmest run

Movie Review

He tried his best to compete and just wanted to get third place, but unfortunately he just won the first place. Everyone cheered for him, and people from all walks of life rushed to take photos with him. He didn’t feel a trace of happiness from beginning to end, he cried, the kind of sad. This is the end of the movie “Children of Heaven”.

The impoverished teenager Ali helped his younger sister to repair shoes. When she finished her shoes and went shopping for food, her younger sister’s old shoes were taken away as garbage. The story unfolds. Ali’s family is very poor, his father has a meager salary, his mother is a full-time housewife, and there are three children in the family, the youngest is still in her infant. This family is too poor to have money to buy a new pair of shoes for my sister. The sensible Ali and his sister are unwilling to burden the family, and are ready to solve the matter secretly. When I got up early, my sister wore brother’s broken sneakers to school, and my brother continued to wear these shoes after class.

Because of a pair of shoes, my elder brother was often late for school, was often caught by the dean of teaching, and even asked his parents to drive out of school. My younger sister often couldn’t look up in front of her classmates because she was wearing older brother’s dirty and old shoes. The school will hold an athlete selection competition, and select students to represent the school to participate in higher-level competitions. What impresses the brother Ali is that the third prize in the competition is a pair of sneakers. Ali can sell this pair of men’s sneakers and buy a new pair of shoes for his younger sister. . Ali wanted to take third place, but in the end he got the first place by accident.

“Children of Heaven” was released in 1999 and was the first film nominated for Oscar in Iran. This is the story of a pair of brothers and sisters and a pair of shoes. It is also a fairy tale dedicated to adults. In the movie, one can feel poverty, simplicity, and kindness. Some people say that this movie is very sad, but what more people see is touching and warm.

  1. I always think that what I lost will be in place

Ali lost his sister’s shoes in the small vegetable shop. He always felt that his sister’s shoes were still there, and they might have fallen behind a certain vegetable basket. He kept tossing there many times without finding anything.

Perhaps in the child’s heart, the lost things will most likely stay in the same place, and they will stubbornly search for it again and again.

After I grew up, I realized that they were no longer there when the money was lost. Maybe it wasn’t money that I was looking for at that time, it was my obsession.

  1. Passing notes, like us in school

After the shoes were lost, Ali and his sister were afraid that their parents would know, so they dared not discuss what to do at home. So they began to pass notes. Just under the eyes of their parents, they quietly resolved a possible crisis. This reminds me of the situation of passing notes in school. It seems that passing notes is a timeless way to convey information.

  1. A pen is enough to make my sister happy

Ali upset his sister, what should I do? Ali has a coup to please his sister. When the younger sister knew that the shoe was missing, Ali used a pencil that had just been sharpened and got her forgiveness. I blamed my younger sister because he was slow to leave school. The younger sister was upset with the small prize Ali used, and a ballpoint pen was once again forgiven by her sister. It is so easy for children to cheer up, and if it is now possible to solve it with several red envelopes. This reminds me of the days when I made my brother happy.

  1. In those years, the self-esteem hidden carefully

My sister wore brother’s broken sneakers to school. Those shoes were too big to fit, very torn and very dirty. In the physical education class, everyone stood together, and my sister tried hard to retract her feet and hid it under her schoolbag for fear of being laughed at by her classmates. When the teacher praised the classmate who wore sneakers, she put her feet out again and stood with her head upright. Struggling in poverty, they carefully protect their self-esteem in this way.

All the encounters between Ali and his sister are due to poverty. In that environment, they are still pure and kind. Watching this movie I feel love and warmth. When they have passed the hardest days, all the suffering they have experienced will become the best memories. When Ali was in the competition, he broke his shoes, and his feet were covered with blisters. These were not worth mentioning in front of his sister’s smile. All those hard work and hard work, bit by bit, are their most beautiful childhood.

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