“The Trial of the Chicago 7” released by Netflix, with amazing good comments, is expected to impact the Oscar!

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Coming soon on Netflix, “The Trial of the Chicago 7” directed by Alan Sorkin held a global online special event a few days ago, and the first wave of reviews from the participating film reviews and media after watching it was finally released recently! The overwhelming praise points to Alan Sorkin’s choreographer who combined the true story with his own style quite cleverly, and the wonderful acting skills of a large number of powerful actors are also impressive, and it is generally believed that “The Trial of the “Chicago 7” will be the hottest Oscar next year!

“Indiewire” deputy editor-in-chief Cate Urban believes that “The Trial of the Chicago 7” is a very suitable work that combines film with real stories, and more film critics like him mentioned that the actors are strong and Impressive acting prowess, especially the combination of Sasha Byron Cohen and Jeremy Strong, the sparks they created are full of inspiration, and they praise the casting director Francine Messler. A pretty good decision was made. All actors are irreplaceable, temporary choices, and “Indiewire” directly verifies that “The Trial of the Chicago 7” will be the hot choice for the Oscars next year in the title of the special report.

“The Trial of the Chicago 7”, a film of conscience, is to expose the crimes committed by the United States in the past, criticize the U.S.’s debt to the people for its actions in the Vietnamese war, and condemn the government’s indifference to life and freedom. Trampling. The film restores the fact that thousands of people flocked to Chicago and occupied a park as a base for protest. The authorities sent people to expel it to no avail, and arranged for many undercover agents to sneak into the crowd to steal information. The seven passionate young men were dissatisfied with being forced to conscript. They called on the people to oppose the war. In the end, they clashed with the military and police. They were brutally suppressed. Many of them were beaten bloody. Seven freedom fighters were also sued by the authorities. The prosecution’s purpose was to put them in jail. It seemed that they were maintaining the authority of the system. Lawyers on both sides were arguing fiercely in the courtroom, and the judges and politicians were the same, and they were extremely dissatisfied with these rebellious youths. . The warriors’ final statement was not to beg for forgiveness, but to read aloud the names of thousands of people who died on the battlefield in Vietnam. The judge became so angry that he broke the hammer and couldn’t stop the sound of reading. Like most people who stood up in silence, they could stand up. Those who respect life, sympathize with misfortune, and leave the scene are people who ignore life, especially those politicians.

Since ancient times, there are two kinds of people who are very dangerous. One is a politician, and the other is a consortium. The real politicians are for their own selfish desires and don’t care about the sacrifices of others. They are really like a lunatic who sees gods and kills them. People are almost notorious insurgents and thieves. Some politicians are fake politicians, so they say they are fake because they have compassion for others, spend time thinking about the fate of others, and do some good deeds that help others, instead of flattering the rich and lowly to the power , Obey the emperor. Such people are idealists and put responsibility and ideas first. Because of this, they are easy to be jealous, squeezed out, and may die in the end. There is no difference between true and false consortiums. They are all for selfishness and unscrupulous. However, there are also classifications of consortia. There are private consortia and public consortiums. Public wealth is the people of the government who are doing business. They are prone to monopolize and seize the biggest profit in their own hands. Private businesses generally rely on relationships, and only wait for them to grow up. Only then did they have the capital to buy the court officials, so as to make their own money easier. The two forces of politicians and financial groups are habitually embarrassed, but they themselves and their colleagues are fighting to the death. Most of them do not take the life and death of others seriously. This is their nature, and the larger the scale. In fact, the worse their foundation is, the more bad things they do.

The seven gentlemen suffered the fate of imprisonment. In the eyes of politicians, they felt that they were all saboteurs, untimely, ignorant, and disobedient. It was the politicians’ own ideas that caused their rebellion, as they quoted a sentence from Lincoln’s inauguration speech in court: When people are tired of exercising their constitutional powers and amending their government, they should exercise their revolution. Power, disband and overthrow that government. The Seven Gentlemen also calmly faced their own ending. As they said, we were not arrested, but chosen. Politicians chose them to kill the chickens and the monkeys. The era chose them to succeed, and they also chose to defend their freedom. Politicians don’t care about the voice of the people or their evaluations. They only care about who is the stage and who is the audience. The stage can only be controlled by themselves, and the audience can only be silent or obedient to themselves. There are brave changers in every corner of the earth, like the Six Gentlemen in the late Qing Dynasty. Their destiny is to be beheaded. When Li Hongzhang visited Germany, he was advocating how many Taiping troops he had killed. The gap between China and the West is obvious, and the gap between the Qing Dynasty and the Song Dynasty is also obvious. The Song Dynasty did not resort to killings due to differences, but killings were commonplace in the Qing Dynasty. Nowadays, people have a soft spot for the Qing Dynasty. The seriousness is also obvious.

That a nation can be proud of is that they have a glorious civilization, and the creation of civilization is by no means collective silence, but collective shouting and deliberation.

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