A Christmas gift from Bob: your cat is back!

Movie Review

Recently, the old youth saw a “A Christmas Gift From Bob” with a Douban score of 7.4. After thinking about it for a while, I immediately remembered the previous work “A Street Cat Named Bob”, and I watched this work with the expectation of the previous work. The timeline of this film is not only a postscript of the first part, but also superimposed on the timeline of the first part. The main story content is still back to the stage where humans and cats depend on each other for life, and the timeline of the first part does not continue to tell the story of human cats after they become famous . If the film and the first story are combined, it will be an extended version of “A Street Cat Named Bob”.

After watching the first movie, the audience has already understood the hero’s inspirational experience of successfully detoxifying and regaining his life due to the intervention of stray cats. Therefore, the plot of this film is not new, which is equivalent to the experience of many people and cats before the hero became famous. Episode. Therefore, the inspirational theme of the film has faded, and the deep love between humans and cats is still the very heart-warming theme of the sequel.

The male protagonist James was a person who was sent to a mental hospital by his family when he was 6 or 7 years old, and that day happened to be Christmas. So as an adult, he has never been Christmas. The trauma in his heart made him helpless and standing alone. Since having Bob, he has found the motivation to work hard.

However, at this time, when he was accidentally reported, people from the local animal protection organization began to monitor him, wanting to know whether he was worthy of raising Bob-yes, it was worthy. In foreign countries, the rights of animals are also highly valued.

Because of his poor family, James was a street singer, selling newspapers, and so on. He had no savings and lived a very poor life. He couldn’t even pay for heating. Because I was busy going out to make money, I ignored Bob and let him eat unclean food. James felt that he owed him a lot, so later, he decided to send him to an animal protection organization.

However, at this time, a person he had helped accidentally appeared and published his story on the Internet, and Bob was able to avoid being separated from James. That man was also the queen’s cousin, and he appeared in front of Bob on Christmas Eve and gave him a Christmas gift.

In this film, many people have been injured, they have been hurt, just like us in reality, but they still smile and continue to live. James is very lucky because of Bob’s existence, let him feel the light and find the meaning of living well.

Bob’s natural healing power is an important reason why pets are so popular in modern society.

Bob is a stray cat, and foreign countries can be so careful about a stray cat. His life and rights must be protected. For them, a cat is not just a cat, but a life worthy of respect.

As far as the plot of the movie is concerned, this movie has many weaknesses, but the sentiment it expresses is enough for me to comment on 5 hearts.

Anyone who has ever kept a pet knows that this kind of relationship cannot be replaced by anything in the world.

A movie is full of tears, knowing that it is a fiction, but if the beauty can be performed to the corners of the present, maybe everything will be better.

The characters in the movie, except for the person who was helped by James who appeared by accident, are media people and relatives of the Queen, the others are just petty citizens. The work done is not so earth-shattering.

The world of ordinary people is touched by ordinary people.

Generally speaking, the first half of the film is general, the rhythm is gentle, it is still street performances of humans and cats, and popular stale content. In the second half, with the addition of animal protectionists and the sickness of stray cats, the story has twists and turns, and the emotional line is improved. Coupled with the heart-warming background of Christmas, the film has a very heart-warming family fun ending.

Good people are rewarded, and good people are rewarded. Although the male protagonist went astray by taking drugs and had a rough life, he was kind-hearted. At the beginning of the film, a passerby lady who helped others helped the male protagonist at the end of the film. Life is not easy, accumulate virtue and do good, do more good deeds, and eventually good people will be rewarded, and good will be rewarded.

The two words written by the male protagonist in the play impressed me deeply: “stronger together”, literally translated as “together, stronger”, stray cats are the spiritual power of the male protagonist, and also an important spiritual pillar for the male protagonist when he encounters ups and downs. , In turn, the male lead also took care of the stray cat, and the stray cat was given a home. As the so-called group keeps warm, they depend on each other for fate. “Stronger together” applies to many things in life. It is difficult to sing alone with one palm, and it is difficult for a lone tree to grow into a forest.

In the end, I shared the favorite line of the old youth in the movie, “Fall down seven times and climb up eight times”, which is very inspirational. Although life is rough, but never give up, you will end up suffering. Human generation~ The important thing is not how many times I fell, but the last time I got up.

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