“Ambulance” Review: Michael Bay who can’t reproduce his peak!

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If you don’t count “6 Underground‎” on Netflix, “Ambulance” can be regarded as an action movie for Michael Bay to return to a small format after a few years. After all, he has been kidnapped by the “Transformers” series for a long time.

It’s a pity that when Jake Gyllenhaal meets Michael Bay, the whole movie still has nothing to shine.

"Ambulance" Review: Michael Bay who can't reproduce his peak!

“Ambulance” is an embarrassment between cool and emptiness. We all know that the biggest feature of Michael Bay is bombardment.

However, “Ambulance” doesn’t have enough space for him to perform this good show. The whole movie is about gunfights and speed chases. The ratio of gunfights to speed chases is about 3:7, so most of the time is played in speed chases. , and what big scene can the car chase have?

"Ambulance" Review: Michael Bay who can't reproduce his peak!

At most, it just keeps crashing the car for you. Although it is cool, it is very empty and unchanged.

"Ambulance" Review: Michael Bay who can't reproduce his peak!

The gunfight part is not very good. It can be seen that the opening scene is a bit like a street battle imitating “Heat”, but the best imitation is probably only the sound effect part, because the messy picture makes it difficult to see the two Who the hell is Fang Renma beating?

Michael Bay’s unique photography and lens movement are brought into full play in this film. In addition, this film has added a brand-new aerial camera technology. From time to time, a paragraph is placed to show off his skills. It feels like it has to make you dizzy. And I love close-ups of faces, so it’s hard to appreciate the movie.

"Ambulance" Review: Michael Bay who can't reproduce his peak!

I have to say that the film “Ambulance” has too many shadows from other films. The protagonist is holding an ambulance and running all the way to the police. This is like “Speed” in disguise, and there is even a section in the middle to help the hostage During surgery, the speed limit cannot be exceeded. Isn’t this the same as the setting in “Speed‎” where the vehicle will explode if the speed is lower than that?

However, the sense of crisis in “Ambulance” is not so strong. It is reasonable to say that this high-speed pursuit process should make people burst with adrenaline. This is no problem in the first half, but after that, it becomes boring.

"Ambulance" Review: Michael Bay who can't reproduce his peak!

And then in the car I had to put up with Jack’s character gushing about himself, grumbling or arguing with other people, all sorts of pointless conversations that filled the film. 

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II plays a retired soldier who is not related by blood to Jack. He asks Jack for help because he wants to help his family raise money for surgery, but he goes astray and becomes a wanted criminal.

"Ambulance" Review: Michael Bay who can't reproduce his peak!

However, along the way, he seems to have always wanted to emphasize that this retired black soldier is a good person. He was only forced to fight with Jack as a last resort. He often staged inner moral tensions, but the motives and stance of the character felt swaying.

Including Jack, it can be said to change at a critical moment, asking for money at once, and asking for a younger brother at one time, without the firmness of the number one criminal at all.

"Ambulance" Review: Michael Bay who can't reproduce his peak!

In addition, the most unexpected highlight is Eiza González, who plays the medical staff. She is the only one who knows what she is doing in the whole film.

She has played the role of a vase in Hollywood many times, and this time she can already say loudly that she is one of the protagonists, and she is no longer playing the role of showing off her beauty, but showing more delicate acting.

"Ambulance" Review: Michael Bay who can't reproduce his peak!

“Ambulance” should give you a certain level of satisfaction if you haven’t been exposed to much of Michael Bay’s films, but Michael Bay’s return to smaller productions is a disappointment, as he mentions “Bad Boys” in the film “And “The Rock‎” are so much better than this.

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