In the remote mountains of North Macedonia, “Europe’s last wild beekeeper” Hatiz and her half-blind mother in her 80s depend on each other. She depends on wild bees for a living and adheres to the golden rule of “half for bees and half for herself”. This is also the ancient belief in nature of generations of beekeepers.

However, the Hussein family of Turks was suddenly deceived. He smelled the business opportunity of beekeeping, and driven by profit, he ran out of honey frantically and unscrupulously destroyed the ecological environment. Hatitz’s seemingly primitive way of beekeeping is full of infinite awe of nature, and she uses her meager power to guard the eroding homeland.

The earth can satisfy human needs, but it cannot satisfy human greed. Only after encountering common disasters and facing common predicaments can the sorrows and joys of mankind be connected.

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