“Non-Stop”: Revenge of the youth, a wonderful plot, Liam Neeson’s best work

Movie Review

Air crash films have always been a relatively embarrassing existence in film and television works. It is not that the atmosphere is not tense enough, nor that its plot is not exciting enough, but because the plot of the crash film often cannot go hand in hand with its theme.

Among the current film and television dramas, air crash movies are mainly divided into two camps, one is mainly focused on the excitement of the air crash. The other part is about the process of psychological changes after performance difficulties, including “Sully” starring American actor Tom Hanks.

The movie I want to talk about today does not belong to either of these two camps. The name of this movie is “Non-Stop”, and the starring is also a very good American actor, Liam Neeson. The films that Uncle Mu has shot in the past two years are basically air crashes, so the grasp of this aspect is often more accurate.

This movie was released in 2014, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is definitely an air disaster movie worth watching.

Uncle Liam plays an air policeman Bill in this movie, and Bill’s background is not explained at the beginning of the movie. As the plot unfolds, the third person leads to his past, allowing the audience to enter the drama more smoothly.

A lot of details have been laid in the beginning of the movie, such as the person who took the initiative to talk to Bill at the beginning and the close-up of a little girl before getting on the plane. These did not attract the audience’s attention at the beginning. The director’s purpose was only to leave a trace of impression on the audience. These impressions will bring a very strong viewing effect on the atmosphere behind the movie.

There are two air police officers on the plane Bill boarded, but the relationship between the two is not good. When the plane flew into the high altitude, Bill suddenly received a text message on the internal network. The content of the text message was very simple, that is, Bill should pay $180 million to an account within 20 minutes. If it is not paid or paid within the specified time, then one person will die on the plane every 20 minutes.

The first person to die was Bill’s colleague, another air police officer on the plane, the second person to die was the captain of the plane, and the third person to die was an ordinary tourist, passing by. It took an hour. As a veteran driver, Bill has deep knowledge in observing details. Unfortunately, every time the murderer is able to pave the way for him, every time Bill feels that he is only one step away from the murderer.

There have been several reversals in the movie. The first reversal was the bank account provided by the murderer. After investigation by the ground troops, this account was in Bill’s name. From here, Bill’s honor as an air police officer has been suspected by the ground forces.

As things progressed, Bill’s image gradually evolved into a gangster who guarded himself and stolen himself. The second reversal of the movie was when the ordinary passenger died. I thought that the murderer had been caught, but the death of the ordinary passenger meant that the murderer was not him.

In addition, there is a relatively strong conflict in this movie. For the audience, when the plot progresses to a certain extent, it has been determined that Bill is the mastermind of the hijacking. Although Bill used his personality to ensure that he was not a good father or a good person, but this hijacking incident had nothing to do with him. But in the eyes of the audience, Bill is inseparable from this matter.

The suspicion of Bill by the ground troops, the doubt by the flight attendant, and the contempt of his parents, and finally among the passengers, a policeman took the lead in publicly questioning Bill’s personality. All of this made Bill’s identity as a gangster unwashed.

But as the plot continued to extend, the true identity of the gangster was exposed, and Bill once again appeared in the eyes of everyone as a hero. I have to say that the great contrast between the front and the back brings the audience’s heart ups and downs. The rendering of the atmosphere is also very serious, the performance of the actors is just right, and the whole movie is ups and downs during the watching process.

However, there is still a small flaw in the movie, and that is the issue of Bill’s identity. The reason why the gangster planned the hijacking incident was mainly because the gangster had a tragic childhood experience, which led him to have a strong dissatisfaction with the authorities and used this method to fight against the entire system.

As far as the whole movie is concerned, the criminal’s motives for committing the crime are a bit far-fetched, and it’s not so obvious that Bill’s identity was washed out. However, at the end of the movie, there is an open ending. The female passenger who helped Bill at the beginning has many doubts about her from beginning to end, and this is likely to be the basis for the sequel of the entire movie.

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