Operation Mincemeat‎ Review: Imperfect but most successful deception plan

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“Operation Mincemeat‎” is a 2021 British spy film.

The story describes that in 1943, the British army was preparing to capture Sicily to regain Europe. It planned to use a corpse to carry secret documents to induce the Nazis to think that the Allies were about to attack Greece. A secret war called “Meat Grinding” began.

The spy film element “deceiving the enemy” strives for truth

Operation Mincemeat‎: Imperfect but most successful deception plan

Operation Ground Meat is arguably the most successful scam in the history of World War II. It is bizarre in itself and has the basic conditions for being put on the big screen.

This theme was made into “The Man Who Never Was” in 1956, based on the book by Yoon Montagu, a key figure in the operation, and “Operation Mincemeat‎” is based on the work of historian Ben Macintyre , and written by Michelle Ashford.

This film is a classic espionage film, incorporating multiple elements such as war, romance, and suspense. See how the intelligence unit fictionalized the corpse of the homeless as an officer. From weaving identities, clothes, letters, wedding rings to fiancee photos, everything is available, just like writing. Before the novel, the biography of the characters is carefully conceived, but it is more detailed than the novel, and even the love letters are sincere and sincere.

“Operation Mincemeat‎” catchy dialogue

An espionage film that relies on character dialogue to lay out and advance the plot, under the complex background and the narrative of many characters, inevitably makes people drift into outer space without paying attention.

Operation Mincemeat‎: Imperfect but most successful deception plan

However, the dialogue that comes out in the open is like the plot stated by the novelist, which is fascinating; the sound of the typewriter operating in the dark also makes people involved in the tension and excitement of the plan to deceive the enemy. The shady meat-grinding operation is in full swing, and at the same time, it is also integrated into the unknown and uneasy on the front line of the war.

Intelligence personnel monitor each other, no one can be absolutely trusted, and they must take every step, otherwise it will bring disaster to the soldiers in the operation and even the front-line combat, and the tension is full.

“Operation Mincemeat‎” characters come alive

Yoon and Charles are the key promoters of the action, and most of the movie focuses on the two people’s dedication to the action, and also depicts each other’s suspicion and jealousy.

When both fall in love with the bright widow Jane (Kelly Macdonald), Yoon’s ability to pick up girls clearly wins.

Operation Mincemeat‎: Imperfect but most successful deception plan

Colin Firth did bring the gentle and refined image of a British gentleman to the extreme, with the mystery and sense of responsibility of an intelligence officer. He showed his skills in the dialogue, and at the same time used small gestures to make women confused; and Charles is too much to look at it. Insidious and cunning, the rest is the loneliness of the second child.

However, the details other than these actions make the characters flesh and blood, and the emotional line does not have the old-fashioned passionate ending of Hollywood, which is relatively real.

“Operation Mincemeat‎” is worth savoring even in small roles.

Ian Fleming, the author of “007” who worked in MI6, is rumored to have participated in the operation of ground meat. This film, played by Johnny Flynn, should make a lot of Pound fans hotly debated.

In addition, Yoon’s right-hand man, the shrewd Hester, and even Admiral John, who makes things difficult for him, are all characters with distinct and impressive personalities.

impossible but legendary

Operation Mincemeat‎: Imperfect but most successful deception plan

This movie tells you that all the actions and characters are not perfect. The action of ground meat seems funny, impossible and full of loopholes. It’s like a collage of figures that can’t be seen close up and lifelike from a distance, which is amazing.

In fact, the film has clearly revealed that Churchill’s capture of Sicily is imperative in the later stage. The success of the operation may not be so important. Everything is already doomed. However, the intricacies of the action and the organization of the characters are exhausted, but this legend is relished by people. road.

On the whole, the dialogue is excellent, the characters are vivid, rational and emotional, depicting the passion and importance of secret operations, and if you fail, you will become a benevolent, and do not forget to write about the separation and sadness of women under war. It’s not like the tension of not knowing the success or failure of the plan in the end.

Of course, don’t forget the suspicions and conflicts between Yoon and Charles in their cooperation. They both have a brother who is difficult to explain, and they all contribute to the country in their own way, even if they are not heroes who have returned from the battlefield and have been praised successfully, they have successfully deceived them. It is legendary to defeat the enemy and reduce casualties.

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