“The Bubble‎” Review: Under the epidemic, everything is absurd and real

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The “The Bubble‎” film itself does not have any bright spots, but in the context of the current epidemic, such a comedy film with the theme of isolation is so realistic.

Family members can’t leave the crew when they die, there is no professional medical staff to take care of sudden illnesses, they want to escape privately and get shot, etc. It is estimated that the main creators did not want to satirize anything, because they never thought that reality could be so absurd.

The film’s story is simple: A large crew is trapped in a hotel in suburban London due to the pandemic and tasked with finishing a $100 million commercial blockbuster “Cliff Beasts 6: Battle for Everest” “.

"The Bubble‎" Review: Under the epidemic, everything is absurd and real

The crew has assembled a variety of people, such as independent film award directors who are trying to enter Hollywood, screenwriters who want to write fan movies in the standard of “Apocalypse Now”, big-name actresses who have encountered a crisis of racial discrimination, and TikTok celebrities with 120 million fans… …a variety of crew members keep the filming going on and on.

The story is actually very gimmicky. During the epidemic, the sixth film of a Hollywood monster blockbuster was blocked in the hotel, and someone was recruited by nucleic acid. Then the film has been revolving around the nucleic acid isolation of a group of actors, drug addiction and live broadcast. The filth of the show, after the performance, all the staff escaped from the hotel to fight the epidemic.

In the end, the movie was not filmed, and the behind-the-scenes footage was cut into a documentary by the filming, and it became a fire…

"The Bubble‎" Review: Under the epidemic, everything is absurd and real

After seeing it, I found out that it could be a Bubble Crew, a Bubble Community, or even a Bubble City.

If you escape from the crew, you will be shot, you will be condemned, but you still have to run away. Filming can be to make people have some interest during the epidemic, but if this work is not completed, it will not be good for anyone in the world affected by the epidemic. In the end It’s up to your work to prove that the world is turning for the better.

“I’m worried I’m going to get in trouble because I didn’t send the swabs for testing. Most of the swabs are still at my house, and I still don’t know where to send them, you know?”

"The Bubble‎" Review: Under the epidemic, everything is absurd and real

This is a fancy team building of the crew during the epidemic. Some parts are quite interesting, but it is still too similar to a collection of TikTok jokes. It is difficult to say that there is anything worth making into a film.

“If the movie theater opens one day, everyone will be moved by your exquisite lines!” Isolation, masks and non-contact hugs, sometimes I really forget, how deep the epidemic has brought to life, we should also learn Like this, go and have fun in the midst of suffering.

"The Bubble‎" Review: Under the epidemic, everything is absurd and real

This nesting doll-style absurdity is so hilarious! The situation of people in reality and fiction is absurd and embarrassing; the situation of movies in reality and fiction is also absurd and embarrassing.

And we, the audience, are in the same absurdity.

"The Bubble‎" Review: Under the epidemic, everything is absurd and real

Under the epidemic, everything is absurd and real, reasonable and funny. However, it is more appropriate to reduce it to less than 100 minutes. More than two hours is indeed too long, and the connection in many places is actually quite blunt, so you can only perform various awkward dances.

This movie is a plain mockery of the film and television industry under the epidemic. It is absurd and lively and a bit helpless. It contains many social media and actor memes. It will be happier to watch it as a spoof if you lower your expectations.

I have to say that Netflix is ​​really good at giving creators freedom!

"The Bubble‎" Review: Under the epidemic, everything is absurd and real

During the epidemic, the film industry is indeed not easy, but Netflix has launched two special works, “Don’t Look Up” and “The Bubble‎”, which are so impressive!

Perhaps this is the advantage of streaming. 

Looking back now, whether it was caused by the epidemic or not, the changes brought by streaming media to movies still have a lot of positive significance!

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