Jason Momoa “Aquaman” will voice the “Minecraft‎” movie!


According to media reports, Warner Bros. has entered the final negotiation stage of the new film “Minecraft‎” with “Aquaman” Jason Momoa.

Warner Bros.’ new film “Minecraft‎” is really in trouble right now, as the rights will end in January 2023, but the starring has been delayed.

Jason Momoa "Aquaman" will voice the "Minecraft‎" movie!

However, there has been some progress recently, and Jason Momoa may voice the protagonist.

In addition to Jason Momoa, Warners has also tapped Jared Hess, who has directed “Napoleon Dynamite‎” and “Nacho Libre‎”, to direct.

The report also pointed out that if the first “Minecraft‎” film is successful, Warners will seek to turn the film into a series.

Jason Momoa "Aquaman" will voice the "Minecraft‎" movie!

Paramount and Sega’s “Sonic the Hedgehog” series has successfully proven that video game adaptations can be successful: two films in the series are selling well, a third is already on the way, and a live-action spin-off is in development .

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Apparently Warner Bros. wants “Minecraft‎” to continue the popularity of “Sonic the Hedgehog”.

The development woes of “Minecraft‎” go back almost a decade, when “Night at the Museum‎” director Shawn Levy left the project in 2014 due to a creative difference.

Jason Momoa "Aquaman" will voice the "Minecraft‎" movie!

Rob McElhenney, co-director of “It’s Always Fair Weather‎”, took over, but McElhenney soon quit.

When the 2016 “Minecraft‎” movie was in the script development stage, the producers said at the time that the film’s target audience was the same as that of “Jurassic World.”

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