The director of “The Matrix Resurrections” explains why Neo and Trinity are resurrected


Recently, the first trailer of “The Matrix Resurrections” was released, which caused a lot of memories among netizens.

18 years after “The Matrix 3” was released, Neo and Trinity appeared in the eyes of fans.

Recently, when Lana Wachowski participated in an event in Berlin, Germany, she revealed why she wanted to shoot a sequel many years later, and why she wanted to “resurrect” the two roles of Neo and Trinity.

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She said: “A few years ago, my father died, my friend passed away, and then my mother passed away. I don’t know how to get through these griefs. Too many sorrows are concentrated. Although they are very old, they are parting. It’s still hard to accept.”

The director of "The Matrix Resurrections" explains why Neo and Trinity are resurrected

“At that time, I always thought about it, and one night I cried so much that I couldn’t sleep. But there was a story idea in my mind. I couldn’t bring my parents back to life, but I still have Neo and Trinity, so I can say it’s me. The two most important roles in life.”

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“The idea of ​​the resurrection of these two characters makes me feel a lot easier. These two people are dead, okay, don’t you feel good to resurrect these two people. This is the role of art, the role of stories, they can comfort us .”

The director of "The Matrix Resurrections" explains why Neo and Trinity are resurrected

The trailer for “The Matrix Resurrections” that was exposed last week hinted that Neo had returned to the Matrix.

And a brief shot of Trinity suggests that she is just a computer program, not that we know that the character is resurrected.

The specific situation will be revealed in the theater on December 22 this year.

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