The word-of-mouth ban of “The Eyes of Tammy Faye” is lifted,Jessica Chastain & Andrew Garfield’s acting skills are praised


The biopic “The Eyes of Tammy Faye” starring Jessica Chastain & Andrew Garfield ushered in the first wave of word-of-mouth reviews after its debut at the Toronto Film Festival.

“The Eyes of Tammy Faye” Rotten Tomatoes has a freshness of 72% (25 reviews) and a Critic overall score of 60/100 (15 reviews), which is quite satisfactory.

According to the praise, the film has something moving. The two protagonists, especially Jessica Chastain’s performance is remarkable, supporting the whole film.

“Variety” film critic commented: “As the characters get into more and more difficult situations, Chastain and Garfield also dedicated very interesting, detailed, and layered performances… The film has some lengths, and the last scene can be arranged. Better. But the two actors did not relax from start to finish.”

Insider commented: “This movie is very entertaining, but the audience depends entirely on the performance of Chastain and Garfield.”

Negative reviews sharply point out that the form of the film is greater than the content.

“Hollywood Reporter” commented: “People who fancy performances and tricks may appreciate this film, appreciate the effects of makeup and digital creation. But if you want to find some new ideas, you should not watch this film. .”

The word-of-mouth ban of "The Eyes of Tammy Faye" is lifted,Jessica Chastain & Andrew Garfield's acting skills are praised

IndieWire commented: “In any case, we are on Tammy Faye’s side, but in order to make Tammy look’good-looking’, the movie always chooses to present the worst part of this complex story. Why not make Tammy Faye more real? “

“The Eyes of Tammy Faye” is directed by Michael Showalter, director of “The Big Sick”, and is based on the documentary of the same name.

The word-of-mouth ban of "The Eyes of Tammy Faye" is lifted,Jessica Chastain & Andrew Garfield's acting skills are praised

“The Eyes of Tammy Faye” tells that in the 1970s, Tammy Faye and Jim Bakker relied on radio and television technology to rise from poverty and created the world’s largest religious radio and television network and theme park at that time.

But with the outbreak of various scandals, the married life of the couple also broke down, and the carefully constructed business empire ceased to exist.

“The Eyes of Tammy Faye” will be released in North America this Friday (September 17).

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