Rachel Zegler was invited by the organizers of the Oscars to attend as Awards guests


“West Side Story‎” actress Rachel Zegler, who was not invited to the Oscars before, is now invited by the organizers to attend the award ceremony.

Last weekend, Zegler posted in response to questions from netizens saying that she would not go to the Oscars. As the heroine of the best picture nominated movie “West Side Story”, she was not invited by the academy.

Rachel Zegler was invited by the organizers of the Oscars to attend as Awards guests

The news sparked heated discussions on social media, and some netizens were outraged, saying that the academy would rather invite people from non-entertainment industries to participate rather than give tickets to the best film nominee, which is inappropriate.

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THR’s latest report says the academy has invited Zegler to attend the Oscars as an Oscar presenter. She is currently filming in London for the live-action “Snow White” film, and to ensure she can attend, the crew will reschedule the filming schedule.

THR also pointed out that Zegler was not nominated by an individual, the Academy was not obligated to invite her, and Disney, the film producer, was not obligated to invoice her.

Traditionally, each nominee and presenter gets two tickets, and each studio gets some, and they allocate their own places, but this year due to the epidemic, fewer tickets are issued.

But many argue that the Oscars and the studio should ensure that the best picture nominee star is present at the awards ceremony in some capacity.

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