Global cinemas will usher in a busy October


Soon, many places around the world, including North American theaters, are about to usher in a busy October.

First is “Venom 2”, which is scheduled to be released repeatedly on October 1, and is now scheduled to be released on October 1, followed by “007: No Time to Die” on October 8.

Global cinemas will usher in a busy October

In order to further call for everyone to return to the theater, just last week, the largest chain of cinema chains in the United States and even the world, AMC announced in a high-profile manner that it had spent $25 million and invited Hollywood star Nicole Kidman to endorse a promotional film.

The promotional film will soon be broadcast in various AMC theaters, and will also land on various television channels and online media in the United States.

This commercial is directed by Jeff Cronenweth, the director of photography who has been the director of “Fight Club”and “The Social Network”.

The copywriting part comes from Billy Ray, an Oscar-nominated screenwriter for “Captain Phillips”.

In the advertisement, Kidman praised the wonderful effect of the movie theater and “the indescribable feeling when the lights are dimming, like we have reached a place we have never been before.”

Global cinemas will usher in a busy October

Looking at the UK, this week, the pre-sale of “007: No Time to Die” will start.

The latest 007 movie, which has been postponed as many as three times, should be released in the UK on September 30 without any changes.

Skyfall, released in 2012, won the UK box office of 103 million pounds.

“Skyfall” is the best movie in the history of the UK box office besides “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, and of course the highest-grossing local production.

Global cinemas will usher in a busy October

Since the epidemic, British cinemas have been turned on and off, and like all cinemas around the world, they have experienced various darkest moments.

During this period, the best box office performance “Peter Rabbit 2” also only got 20.3 million pounds in the box office.

Nowadays, the British film projection industry generally believes that “007: No Time to Die” is bound to surpass this achievement and become the best film in the UK at the box office so far.

And the final result is likely to be close to the normal box office level of similar movies before the epidemic.

Of course, the box office of the 007 series wants to return to the past as much as possible, not only depends on the situation in the UK.

Global cinemas will usher in a busy October

After all, the series has always had a great appeal in overseas markets other than the United Kingdom and the United States, and overseas box offices have always accounted for a considerable proportion of the overall box office.

At present, although the epidemic situation around the world has not completely subsided, including Japan, Thailand and parts of the United States.

However, as long as the vaccine delivery rate continues to increase, the overall trend of the global epidemic slowing down will not change, and the dawn of the film screening industry will always be brighter day by day.

Take the Malaysian film projection industry, which has been hit hard by the epidemic repeatedly, as an example.

Global cinemas will usher in a busy October

Starting from September 9th, even in the most severely affected areas, movie theaters can finally reopen under the premise of a 50% occupancy rate (of course, the audience must provide a vaccination certificate).

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in March 2020, cinemas in Malaysia have basically been closed for a full year and a half.

In this year and a half, the government planned to restart movie theaters twice.

But every time it is about to restart or just not long after restarting, and because of the resurgence of the epidemic, it has to continue to close.

This has caused more than 20,000 people in the film projection industry in Malaysia to complain.

At present, 51% of the adult population in Malaysia has finished the two doses of vaccines, and cinemas are finally expected to no longer be closed.

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