“Minecraft: The Movie” is coming! Start shooting this year, release next year?

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Minecraft: The Movie is a “Minecraft‎” movie project that has been on the agenda since 2014. The background of the movie is the story of a 14-year-old girl fighting the ender dragon.

For so many years, “Minecraft‎” has been continuously bounced for various reasons. However, recently, “Minecraft: The Movie” has been put on the agenda again!

"Minecraft: The Movie" is coming! Start shooting this year, release next year?

Big news: The big Minecraft movie is coming!

What is currently confirmed is that AquamanJASON MAMOA will star in the upcoming Minecraft movie. And play our protagonist Steve in the big movie.

Why is Jason Momoa called “Aquaman”, because he starred in Warner’s famous sci-fi action movie “Aquaman”, and got his name from it.

"Minecraft: The Movie" is coming! Start shooting this year, release next year?

Looking through this person’s resume, I found that he also played Ma Wang in the fantasy American drama Game of Thrones in 2011, and a science fiction movie “Dune” will be released in 2021.

It can be said that this person has a relatively rich experience in film performances that are biased towards “science fiction and fantasy”.

So obviously, as a world like Minecraft with a sandbox game as the background, a single floating block is fantastic enough. Perhaps Jason Momoa, who is Aquaman, can well control Steve, a character that cannot exist in reality.

But, but! In our impression, Steve is not actually a strong man, but a handsome man with a well-proportioned body, even a little thin, but definitely full of strength.

Like the following?

"Minecraft: The Movie" is coming! Start shooting this year, release next year?

So due to image issues, many people think that Jason Momoa’s Steve in the Minecraft movie should look like this.

"Minecraft: The Movie" is coming! Start shooting this year, release next year?

It is full of explosive muscles, as if the blue short sleeves are about to be broken by the muscles.

why? We can take a look at the real “hot” figure of Jason Momoa in reality.

It is worth mentioning that the beautiful Elizabeth Olsen will play Alex in the “Minecraft‎” movie. Elizabeth Olsen has appeared in “The Avengers‎”, “Captain America: The First Avenger” and so on.

"Minecraft: The Movie" is coming! Start shooting this year, release next year?

And from the image point of view, her match with Alex is as high as 99%! Because the match between Jeb and Alex is 100%!

What is a little puzzling is that the background of the story is clearly a story of a 14-year-old girl leading her friends to defeat the ender dragon in the “Minecraft‎” continent. Shouldn’t it be the heroine Alex of this play who should be the real protagonist?

So why is the ‘Minecraft Movie’ rebooted again?

Previously, when the Minecraft movie was directed by Rob McElhenney, with a budget of $150 million and following the open-world setting of the Minecraft game, Steve Carell, the actor of the same name, was also set to star.

Because of various issues such as timetables, they all withdrew, and the big movie has been bounced since then.

"Minecraft: The Movie" is coming! Start shooting this year, release next year?

Until the new actors and directors are confirmed in 2019, it will be released on March 4, 2022. Due to the epidemic, Warner Bros. announced that the release date of the Minecraft movie will be postponed in 2020. However, there is no news of this delay.

Until April 2022, Warner Bros once again put the Minecraft movie on the agenda,

Talk about the “modification rights” of Minecraft

In the 2014 agreement between MOJANG and Warner, the rights to adapt Minecraft will expire in January next year, which means that Warner has to speed up the production of the film before January 2023.

"Minecraft: The Movie" is coming! Start shooting this year, release next year?

A question worth noting is whether after the adaptation rights expire in 2023, if the big movie is still in the process of being shot, it should be stopped immediately due to copyright disputes.

If it is, it means that the Minecraft movie must be filmed, post-production, licensed for movie distribution, etc. before January next year, which means that we will definitely see the Minecraft movie in 2023.

After all, after Mojang changed hands to Microsoft, and Microsoft attached great importance to the copyright of Minecraft, if the film has not been completed after the adaptation rights expired, it is difficult to say that there will be no changes.

After all, the biggest feature of filming rights is its continuity and unpredictability. The exercise of rights is a continuous and time-consuming process, and it is unpredictable when the rights will be exercised.

In other words, Warner acquired this coveted copyright/franchise before Notch sold Minecraft.

Therefore, it is difficult to be sure that there will be no variables in the agreement signed by Warner and Notch after 8 years.

So the best outcome is that the big Minecraft movie is made, released and released in 2023!

Simply put, my dears, the Minecraft movie is not far away!

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