Henry Cavill: Geralt’s beloved person should be Yennefer, not Triss

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Recently, Henry Cavill, the actor of Geralt in the “Witcher” live-action drama, attended the red carpet premiere of “The Witcher Season 2”.

In an interview, he was asked about the choice of Yennefer or Triss.

Henry Cavill decisively chose Yennefer.

He said that whether in the “Witcher” game or in the novel, he feels that Geralt’s love is Yennefer, and they are the most suitable and will always support this pair.

Henry Cavill: “For me, when I played the games and especially when I read the books, I feel it’s always been true to Geralt’s core is Team Yennefer. Of course, the great thing about the game is that you can do whatever you want and that’s the great thing about games. But for me, even in the games, it was Team Yennefer”

Henry Cavill: Geralt's beloved person should be Yennefer, not Triss

Henry Cavill is also a fan of the “Witcher” game. Before that, he would play “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” at home during the worst period of the epidemic.

Henry Cavill: Geralt's beloved person should be Yennefer, not Triss

He said: “We will see how the script was born. As I work with the production team members, we hope to bring Geralt and as much of the book content as possible into the TV series.”

“The Witcher Season 2” will be released on Netflix on December 17, telling the fate of Geralt and Ciri.

“The Witcher Season 3” will start production in the first quarter of next year.

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