You Won’t Be Alone‎ Review: A literary horror film with a feminist core

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“You Won’t Be Alone‎” was initially thought to be a somewhat curious horror story, but it is actually a literary horror film with a feminist core.

Although there are a lot of bloody and gut-wrenching scenes, the most impressive are the lines that are murmured like poetry.

You Won't Be Alone‎ Review: A literary horror film with a feminist core

Especially the sentence “Look, look, look,” with a lot of angry voices, as if someone really whispered in his ear the story of this witch’s integration into human beings.

“You Won’t Be Alone‎” tells the story of a remote mountain village in 19th century Macedonia, a young witch living in the forest is full of curiosity about human life, she accidentally kills a villager, and then uses the villager skin disguised as a human.

This also completely inspired the witch’s curiosity, she wanted to dress up as a different human to live.

You Won't Be Alone‎ Review: A literary horror film with a feminist core

The outer shell of the film is a magical and terrifying witch element, but the inner part is to examine the relationship between men and women in Western feudal society from the perspective of different people. Although the heroine has seen all the ugliness in the world, she still chooses to believe in love in the end, bloody but beautiful.

Witches have the ability to transform. Animals, women, men, and children see the world from different perspectives, and happiness and pain are different.

The witch uses the skills of transfiguration to become a woman, a man, a dog and a child, and then uses the body to experience the lost childhood, family, friendship and passion, harvesting her own love, and finally avenging her mother’s love for herself and her mother.

She experienced a different life, a woman who was raped, a simple man, a girl who was pampered, learned to love and be loved, and finally met the boy with pure eyes and a shy look, even her own sharp claws can be gentle Light kiss, although the proposition that “love can influence everything” is still a bit vulgar, but I really can’t think of a better turning point.

You Won't Be Alone‎ Review: A literary horror film with a feminist core

The film uses the immortal witch to talk about the meaning of existence, why to live, what is the meaning of different lives, and what are the ways to escape death, whether it is the recitation of old and new witches in the film, or the switching of empty mirror images All have a different kind of beauty, as massive and fascinating as the proposition of existence.

She walked out of the cave and entered the forest, which meant rushing out of the womb; she entered the village and became a foolish woman, and began to integrate into society in her innocence and ignorance; she became a dog, and her desire began to grow; she became a man and learned sex and morality and responsibility; become a girl again, start her own life again, fall in love, get married, have children.

You Won't Be Alone‎ Review: A literary horror film with a feminist core

This is a literary film dressed in a horror film. It is a witch on the surface, but the core discussion is about women and people, from girls to young women, and even men, leading the audience to experience the different states of mind when they become different people.

The story and form are so ingenious. Different actors perform the same role, which is rich in connotation.

The director uses the big frame of “witch theme” to show the spiritual growth of women, from the loneliness of reality and spirit, to the process of “no longer lonely”.

You Won't Be Alone‎ Review: A literary horror film with a feminist core

The ending is really wonderful, taking the child as everything, using motherhood to overcome the darkness inside and around him, and breaking the old witch’s fate of “loneliness”.

The film starts with a real mother and daughter, ends with a real mother and daughter, and connects with the mother and daughter of a witch; it creates alienation through monologue, examines women and men as others, and proves the possibility of love through fusion. .

The director is definitely a believer of Terrence Malick, and the poetic shots and silent alienation blast open the door of women’s hidden souls.

Maria actually represents a violent and rebellious feminist power. She deprives the heroine of the right to speak, that is, deprives her of herself, so that the heroine can only bear her violent inheritance, and can only use the other’s. identity to live.

You Won't Be Alone‎ Review: A literary horror film with a feminist core

And the road that the heroine practices is the solution of this opposition, that is, true love. So although both the beginning and the end end with this witch’s inheritance, the things to be inherited are completely different. The answer found by the heroine is also something that Maria will never be able to find, and Maria will eventually become the ashes of history.

This is an art film with a very strong visual texture. The director prosecuted the terrible patriarchal society and the oppression of the female group from the perspective of a witch through a terrifying dark story, and eulogized life and questioned and reflected on himself.

The director has great ambitions and uses a large number of natural and lyrical handheld shots to tell the beauty and evil behind man and nature. Without the restraint and control of commercial capital, the degree of completion is very high. This should be what an independent film should look like!

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