“Kate”: A New Style Interpretation of the Old School Revenge Story

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“Kate” is a suspenseful action movie watched online by Netflix.

The film is directed by Cedric Nicolas-Troyan and the actors are Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jun Kunimura, Woody Harrelson, Tadanobu Asano.

The plot tells that Kate, a rigorous killer who usually acts in a rigorous manner, makes an abnormal mistake during a mission in Tokyo and finds that he is about to die after being poisoned.

At this time, she met Ani, a grumpy girl.

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Faced with the little time left, Kate must take clues from Ani and avenge the murderer who poisoned him.

"Kate": A New Style Interpretation of the Old School Revenge Story

The female version of “John Wick”

From “Final Destination 3” and “10 Cloverfield Lane” to “Gemini Man” and “Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn”, Mary Elizabeth Winstead has always been a frequent guest of genre movies.

While she has a dazzling appearance, she can also have acting skills enough to convince the audience, which allows her to gain a certain position in Hollywood.

"Kate": A New Style Interpretation of the Old School Revenge Story

And this time she played a leading role in the action film “Kate” produced by Netflix, playing a desperate female killer, which also allows us to see her look different from the past.

The background of the “Kate” story

The “Kate” movie opens in Osaka, Japan. The heroine Kate, code-named “Veteran”, receives an order to go to a secret warehouse by the port to perform an assassination mission.

However, she was a top killer in the industry with clean work, but she hesitated because of a sudden situation when a little girl appeared on the scene.

Although Kate eventually shot and killed her father in front of the little girl, this mission also brought her an indelible shadow of trauma.

Ten months later, in Tokyo, Kate, who could not bear the pressure, made a request to retire from the commander “V” of her master and father.

"Kate": A New Style Interpretation of the Old School Revenge Story

She wants to return to the ordinary life of a normal person from a cold-blooded killing machine trained to kill people without blinking and proficient in various weapons.

But Kate didn’t seem to let her go so easily in the past.

She made an unexpected error during the last mission and had a serious car accident.

This also caused unexpected changes to her original plan.

Kate finds someone to seek revenge

Kate originally thought that because of the panic attack caused by the Osaka mission, he lost his original skill.

But after she was sent to the hospital in a coma and received detailed examination and treatment by the doctor, she knew that she had been poisoned by high-concentration radiation unknowingly.

Kate’s body is hard to bear and there is no cure, the fact that only one day of life is left under the erosion of radioactive substances.

"Kate": A New Style Interpretation of the Old School Revenge Story

“Kate” can’t help but remind me of the action film “Crank” starring Jason Statham, which is also a killer poisoned by an unknown person.

Although Kate, who is short-lived, does not need to rely on constant fighting and drug use to secrete adrenaline to maintain his life like Jason Statham.

But in the face of this sudden shock, Kate was shocked to drive her inner killer gene.

She decided to seize the last time to track down the prisoner and revenge against the man behind her.

Is “Kate” a good review?

I like the style and atmosphere of the whole movie “Kate”.

The director set the background of the story in Tokyo, adding many Japanese music, traditions and sub-cultural elements to the film.

In the process of tracking down the murderer, Kate wandered through the underground society of Tokyo, from the one-night stand object, the gangster boy to the gang boss Kijima.

The film also uses colorful neon lights late at night to give the seemingly desperate story of “Kate” a unique charm that can be immersed in it.

"Kate": A New Style Interpretation of the Old School Revenge Story

Whether it’s chasing through the alleys, close fist and foot combat, or fierce and chaotic gunfighting, “Kate” makes the movie full through the “contact” between the female killer and the men in black. There are bloody and violent scenes like headshots, throat cuts, and severed fingers.

The wonderful fighting scenes combined with the clean action design and editing of the whole film also make “Kate” a highly entertaining work.

The theme of the plot of “Kate”

However, “Kate” is more than just killing and fighting. Returning to the whole film, the female killer Kate wants to find the main axis of the target that poisoned her prisoners.

In addition to facing the gradual deterioration of health, the state of extreme weakness but gritted teeth allows the actor Mary Elizabeth Winstead to show her strong personal charm.

During the investigation, Kate found the girl who made her hesitate in the first place, and gradually discovered the conspiracy behind it.

"Kate": A New Style Interpretation of the Old School Revenge Story

“Kate” uses this to describe the inner level of the characters and their relationship with each other.

As a living person, even a cold-blooded female assassin who has been rigorously trained since she was a child and has killed countless people will still be moved by the people and things she cares about.

Kate saw her past self in the girl, who also lost their parents when they were young.

Because of the profound experience of the many pains experienced during this period, Kate does not want her to follow in her own footsteps.

And this also makes “Kate” not just a simple revenge, but a richer and more interesting.

The splendor of the ending of “Kate”

Perhaps the plot reversal at the end of “Kate” is not difficult to predict. There are many hints and lay-outs from the beginning of the movie.

It has always been like what “Yakuza and the Family” said, “Yakuza” in Japan is not just a simple gang organization, but a continuation of the Bushido spirit of the Edo period.

“Yakuza” not only emphasizes the family and has a very rigorous organizational structure, but also insists on rules and etiquette.

So in the end, “Kate” is actually a story about sanctions against traitors.

"Kate": A New Style Interpretation of the Old School Revenge Story

The ending battle of “Kate” is undoubtedly the climax of the whole movie.

On one side is the gang boss Kijima hoping to find out who betrayed him, and on the other side is Kate who knows the true face of the master.

She decided to use the last remaining time while her body was dying, and kill the man who ruined her life.

At the same time, she also wants to save the girl who lost her father because she was deceived. Stopping this cycle will inevitably lead to more broken families.

She used her life to atone for the crimes she committed, to some extent, it also gave “Kate” a tragic color.

"Kate": A New Style Interpretation of the Old School Revenge Story

“Kate” film review conclusion

Overall, although “Kate” has the soul of an old-school action movie.

But not only the audience can experience the atmosphere and action scenes designed by the director of John Wick of “John Wick” as a reference in the film.

"Kate": A New Style Interpretation of the Old School Revenge Story

In this revenge story, which is not novel at all, the film combines many unique elements of Japanese culture and Yakuza organization, and under the interpretation of the roles of Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Jun Kunimura, the film gives “Kate” a complete This movie is different from the new look of other action movies.

The film is still worthy of recognition.

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