Wrath of Man

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When the name Jason Statham is mentioned, the picture in everyone’s mind should be like this. The grim eyes, the whole body of tendons, the expressionless face and the bald head make him look like a ruthless character. The movies he starred in were all punches to the flesh, shots and shots headshots, just do whatever you want… This 54-year-old former diver to today’s action actor, from the UK to Hollywood, can be described as heaven and earth. Decathlon.

Anyone who has watched a covered movie will probably exclaim: It’s so cool! Some people call him “the best director who can shoot men”, and some call him Quentin of England.

Now, he is out again, and the co-actor is Jason Statham. One is “the most handsome bald head on the surface” and the other is “the director who can shoot men the most.” What kind of movie will it be this time?

On the poster, Jason Statham clasped his fists in his hands and looked sullen. There were blood stains on his face, hands, and the cuffs of the white shirt. However, the suits and leather shoes were neatly dressed and there was no trace of fighting, quite like a British gentleman. According to the previous experience of watching movies, we know that the third-rate gangsters play big swords, the second-rate gangsters dig their pistols, and the top thugs wear suits. The more extreme violence, the more restrained before the outbreak.

“The Fury of Man” tells the story of a new mysterious money-carrying security guard who unexpectedly showed off his skills in a robbery, which surprised his colleagues. The team members began to doubt his identity and origin. Soon, the sharpshooter’s ultimate motive became clear. He took a dramatic and no retreat method to settle the old accounts.

The film will be released in North America on May 7. Interested friends do not miss it!

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