Netflix’s New Documentary “Tinder Fraud King” Releases Official Trailer, Modern Love Is A Crisis Game

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Netflix’s new documentary “Tinder Fraud King” released a preview. The lucky man “Simon” found on the dating app, the domineering president with a private jet, turned out to be…

Victims are coming for justice.

“Tinder Fraud King” is produced by the production team of “Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer”.

The film tells the story: “In the world of online dating, modern love is a game full of dangers.

The notorious “Tinder Fraud King” scammed young ladies out of millions of dollars.

It turned out that he was a fugitive, at large after committing crimes in multiple countries. Swipe the screen and your life will change from now on, from fairy tales to nightmares.

See how three women seek justice.

“Tinder Fraud King” will go live on February 2.

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