“Gone Girl” six years later, David Fincher returns with a new work, the goddess Amanda joins

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Today, the film “Mank” directed by David Fincher released stills. This movie starred by Gary Oldman, Amanda Seyfried, Lily Collins, etc., is a black and white movie, which is scheduled to be available on Netflix in October this year.

The stills released this time are full of the retro black-and-white style of the early 20th century: actor Amanda’s curly hair style, male character’s top hat and suit, old-style cars full of chronological sense, and unique photography installations at that time, plus The black-and-white tones of the entire movie on the film give full play to the nostalgia and retro atmosphere.

The strength of the goddess Amanda this time has added a lot to David’s new work. After seeing the news, netizens expressed their expectations: “The goddess is also here, this cast is terrible”, “The goddess is also out for business”. It can be seen that fans’ expectations for this film are very high.

This movie is a biopic of “Citizen Kane” legendary screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz, and the protagonist is played by Gary Oldman. The film will follow the creative process of the screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz’s “Citizen Kane”. The origin of the script of this movie is not simple. It is adapted from the script written by the late father Jack Fincher, directed by David Fincher.

This is not the first time director David Fincher has directed a biographical film. He directed the film “The Social Network” released in 2010. The film tells how Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Savarin are two Build and develop the history of Facebook.

With a high-density narrative rhythm, wonderful soundtrack and editing, and machine gun-like dialogue, David Fincher is also good at using a handheld camera to render a tense atmosphere. He also won an Academy Award nomination for the best director for this film. This film was also called the best film of the first decade of the 21st century by another great director Quentin.

David Fincher just passed his 58th birthday on August 28, he said on that day: “I think all the violence in the movie, the audience must feel. If they don’t feel bad, if they feel violent It’s not terrible, then there is a problem.” The netizen said after seeing this passage: “Thanks to Director David Fincher for giving us another lesson. Happy birthday to you.”

The movie “Mank” chose to release stills today with ulterior motives. Today 79 years ago was the day when the movie “Citizen Kane” was released in the United States. Are you looking forward to its release?

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