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The film is adapted from Ron Susskind’s novel of the same name. It tells the story of Ron’s son Owen who had autism when he was three years old and never spoke. Owen’s only hobby is Disney cartoons. In order to maintain the relationship with his son, Dad pretended to be a small animal in the cartoon, trying to communicate with Owen in words and scenes that Owen could understand, and slowly brought his son into real life. After growing up, Owen gradually overcame autism, started looking for work, fell in love, and established an animation club to help children like him.

The film is about a beautiful angel boy, Owen, who is lively and cute. He is constantly chatting every day. Both adults and children love him. But one day when he was three years old, little Owen suddenly stopped talking. No matter what the adults communicated with him, he didn’t seem to hear him, as if he had entered a small house of his own and closed the door and refused to come out. Owen’s parents were mad and didn’t know what happened. After seeing many doctors, Jr. Owen was diagnosed as “autistic.” Because Mom and Dad couldn’t communicate with Little Owen, they were in great pain, watching Little Owen wandering around like a lost child, but no matter how they called him, Little Owen just couldn’t hear it, just a word. Don’t send, sit silently in front of the TV and watch Disney animation every day.

Suddenly one day, Owen’s father heard Owen yell, which made the family who hadn’t heard Owen for a long time very excited, as if walking in the dark and suddenly saw a bright lighthouse. Little Owen kept yelling a word, everyone couldn’t understand, and they tried to know what he meant, as if they heard little Owen’s distress signal from his world. Finally, Dad Owen remembered that the sound was made from a Disney animation, and it was the sound of a small animal. The clever and attentive Owen father was very excited, as if he had found the key to open little Owen’s new world. He pretended to be that little animal and talked to Owen like that little animal. Unexpectedly, Owen suddenly had a smile on his face, and he started to talk to father “bird” as another little animal in the cartoon. . It turned out that the little house called “Autism” that Owen locked in was the Disney animation world!

Since then, Owen’s family began to talk to OWEN as characters in Disney animations, and gradually brought him into real life, bringing him home among friends. Owen grew up and became a handsome, warm and funny guy. He began to learn to be independent, including finding a job, falling in love, and living by himself. He also established an animation club to help children like him.

For students studying film and animation, filming is a director’s self-expression, which can influence others and even change the world. This sense of accomplishment is unmatched by many other professions.

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