Escape Room 2:Revealing more high-tech secret rooms

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“Escape Room 2” is scheduled to be broadcast. Players and game masters face-to-face duel, revealing more high-tech secret rooms.

“Escape Room” sequel “Escape Room 2” will be on July 1, 2021. Director Adam Robitel (Adam Robitel) and screenwriters Bragi F. Schut (Bragi F. Schut), Maria Melnik ( Maria Melnik) will all return.

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“Escape Room” is a very creative movie. It gets rid of the bloody carnage of “Chain Saw” and uses different scenes and suspenseful shots to create exciting visual effects.

“Escape Room” mainly tells six strangers with different identities:
College student Zoe (Taylor Russell),
Store Staff Ben (Logan Miller),
Retired female soldier Amanda (Deborah Ann Woll),
Market trader Jay Ellis,
Blue collar worker Mike (Tyler Labine),
Room game fan Danny (Nik Dodani),
They participated in an escape room game, and the final winner will be rewarded with ten thousand dollars.

This room escape game was initiated by the mysterious organization MINOS. They sent each player a personalized invitation puzzle cube box. Players have to experience room escape in a mysterious building, and each room has its own environment and space.

Not the same. Players need to solve puzzles in a limited time through various clues to enter the next secret room. If the player cannot enter the next secret room within the limited time, they will be in danger of being killed.

When players find that all these are well-designed traps, they must work together to find clues and solve puzzles to get the right to survive.

Since each player has a specific set of background stories and unique characters, their hidden secrets slowly surfaced during the cooperative escape process.

The relationship between people has become more and more complicated. It turns out that this is an escape entertainment game designed for the rich. They are secretly monitoring every player and placing bets on the “only survivor”.

After Zoe and Ben defeated the game administrators, they really experienced the boring life of the rich. In order to save those players who fell into the “escape room” trap, Zoe and Ben decided to fly to New York to disintegrate the “secret room” of the game masters. conspiracy.

At the same time, the game master is developing a new secret room game “Plane Fall” for Zoe and Ben. “Escape Room” ends with an obvious sequel plot. All clues indicate that “Escape Room 2” will be more dangerous and deadly.

In addition to the survivor roles Zoe and Ben return in “Escape Room 2,” (Isabelle Fuhrman), (Holland Roden), (Indya Moore), (Thomas Cocquerel) and (Carlito Olivero) will also join in “Escape Room 2” .

“Escape Room” laid the foundation for the development of the sequel. “Escape Room 2” will reveal more about the background of the mysterious organization MINOS and a series of high-tech secret rooms designed by the organization.

All in all, “Escape Room” is an unexpected thriller and suspense movie. “Escape Room 2” will determine the future direction of the series.

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