“Escape Room 2” released the first batch of stills


“Escape Room 2” released the first batch of stills, the difficulty of escape is greatly upgraded.

The first series of stills of the thriller “Escape Room 2” has been released. The world’s top players gather to unlock the new room scenes and start the cruel survival battle!

The second part will continue to be directed by Adam Robitt, Taylor Russell and Logan Miller return to starring, Isabella Furman, Thomas Conquer, Holland Rodden, Inti Ya Moore and others participated in the performance.

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The previous work was released in 2019. It tells about 6 strangers participating in a room escape game, and the first successful person can get a huge bonus. However, they found that the situation was completely out of control and had to rack their brains to survive. The film has a good reputation, with a global box office of US$150 million at a cost of US$9 million.

It is reported that the film will be released in North America on July 16.

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