Zack Snyder and Netflix sign another two-year agreement to shoot “Army of the Dead 2”


According to media reports, Zack Snyder and his wife and producer partner Deborah Snyder signed a two-year priority subscription agreement with Netflix.In addition to the science fiction film “Rebel Moon” announced earlier, “Army of the Dead 2” is also confirmed to be produced, but the launch time has not yet been written.

Although “Army of the Dead” is generally popular, it is the most popular original movie on Netflix this year.

The number of film views has reached 75 million, and is tied for the eighth place in the Netflix original film viewing list.

Zack Snyder and Netflix sign another two-year agreement to shoot "Army of the Dead 2"

Zack Snyder and Netflix have a lot of plans for this series. The prequel written by Zack Snyder, “Army of Thieves” tells the story of the locksmith, and will be launched later this year.

The animated series “Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas” will be launched in the spring of 2022.

Although “Army of the Dead 2” is determined to be filmed, it is likely to wait for Zack Snyder to finish filming the epic science fiction film “Rebel Moon”.

“Rebel Moon” tells of a colony on the edge of the galaxy, threatened by an army of tyrants named Barisalis.

The desperate people sent a young woman with a mysterious past to find warriors from neighboring planets to help them gain a foothold.

Zack Snyder said that this idea was influenced by Akira Kurosawa and “Star Wars”, hoping to become a huge IP and create a new universe.

The film is Zack Snyder’s next film and is expected to start production in early 2022.

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