The well-known high-scoring British drama “Peaky Blinders Season 6” released the official trailer

Today, the official Twitter of “Peaky Blinders” released “Peaky Blinders Season 6”, which is also the official preview of the final season.

The official Twitter essay: “There is one final account to be settled.”

In the trailer, members of the Shelby family including Cillian Murphy will appear, and the season will start in early 2022.

“Peaky Blinders” tells the story of the legendary gangster family Peaky Blinders in Birmingham after the war.

Cillian Murphy will play Thomas Shelby, a cruel gangster, he is the brother of the family leader, bloodthirsty and ruthless.

In that era, veterans, revolutionaries and criminals all indulged and wandered at the bottom of society to survive.

And when the head of the Belfast police began to intervene, the reign of terror created by Thomas and his gang forces began to tilt.

Interested audiences stay tuned.

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