Francis Coppola’s “Megalopolis‎” will begin filming, it will shoot until 2023


Francis Ford Coppola’s new film “Megalopolis‎”, which has been in preparation for many years, has finally come to the eve of shooting. There are media reports that the film is about to start shooting in Fayetteville, Georgia, USA. The specific shooting location is the famous Pinewood Studios.

As planned, the film will begin shooting in November and run through March 2023.’ Megalopolis’ is a script written by Coppola in the 1980s about an architect’s attempt to create a Utopia in New York, an attempt strongly opposed by the mayor.

Francis Coppola's "Megalopolis‎" will begin filming, it will shoot until 2023 | FMV6

The film is described as “a grand story of political ambition, genius and love in which the fate of Rome is mapped out in a world that is unable to solve its own social problems”.

In terms of setting, it has some degree of similarity to the previous ‘Synecdoche, New York’ in terms of subject matter.

In 2019, on the eve of his 80th birthday, Coppola said he would soon be filming ‘Megalopolis’. At the time, Coppola said: “I plan to start doing what I’ve always wanted to do, using everything I’ve learned since I started my career in theater at the age of 16, and it will be a grand epic, it will be extraordinary, it will have a huge cast, and it will use the different styles and genres I’ve tried in my years of filmmaking. ‘ Megalopolis’ cost about $100 to $120 million. In addition to some sponsorship, Coppola will shoot the film out of his own pocket.

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