“The Tomorrow War” released the latest official trailer: Star-Lord VS Alien


Amazon prime sci-fi movie “The Tomorrow War” released the latest official trailer: Star-Lord VS Alien .

A few days ago, Amazon Prime released the latest official trailer for the sci-fi action movie “The Tomorrow War”.

“The Tomorrow War” official trailer:

“The Tomorrow War” tells that in the next 30 years, human beings are fighting and losing in a global war with aliens.

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In the future, mankind will travel back to 2021, because the only hope for the survival of human civilization is to recruit soldiers and civilians from now and send them to the future to join the battle.

The protagonist is one of the recruits, and he is determined to protect the future world for his daughter.

The film is directed by director Chris McKay of “The Lego Batman Movie”, and the soundtrack is in charge of Ron Buff, who participated in “Mission Impossible 6”.

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The film has also won many famous actors to join. Including “Guardians of the Galaxy” star-Lord actor Chris Platt will play the protagonist, and the famous actor J.K. Simmons will also participate.

The movie is scheduled to be shown on the Amazon streaming platform on July 2, so stay tuned.

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