The sequel of “Joker” is currently unavailable, Joaquin Phoenix is ready to star again


“Joker”, which once set a box office record for restricted films, is still fresh in many people’s memories.

A few days ago, the film’s lead actor Joaquin Phoenix said in an interview that “Joker 2” has no plans for shooting.

But he himself is ready to play this role again.

The sequel of "Joker" is currently unavailable, Joaquin Phoenix is ready to star again

Joaquin Phoenix has stated that he has not seen the script for the sequel, and there is no plan to shoot the sequel.

In May of this year, there were reports that Warner is actively promoting the development of “Joker 2”, and the original director Todd Phillips is collaborating with others on the script of “Joker 2.”

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Phillips said: “The sequel will no longer be such a crazy and wild movie that shows the king of crime. It must have a matching theme. I know that this is the ultimate connection to the film. Many movies focus on sparks, and this movie is about the power under sparks. It’s very interesting to be able to capture all of this in a real way.”

Judging from Phillips’s rhetoric, as long as “Joker 2” can reach the height of “Joker”, he is still willing to continue to direct the film.

In the producer’s plan, “Joker” will not intersect with DC’s new version of “The Batman” story.

It will not affect the existing “Justice League” and “Suicide Squad” shooting plans and cast selection.

Therefore, this version of “Joker” may become DC’s most special film.

In addition, director Todd Phillips also stated that “Joker” may be developed into a trilogy.

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