“Hotel Transylvania 4” will be available for streaming in January 2022


For the sake of epidemic prevention and control, Sony’s film “Hotel Transylvania 4” has been repeatedly revising the release time.

In the end, this much-watched cartoon chose to abandon the theater’s online screening and directly land on the streaming media.

"Hotel Transylvania 4" will be available for streaming in January 2022

A few days ago, some media revealed that “Hotel Transylvania 4” will exclusively land on Amazon on January 14, 2022.

For Sony, “Hotel Transylvania 4” abandoning the theater’s online screenings and directly landing on streaming media is not a loss.

It is reported that the transaction cost of “Hotel Transylvania 4” may be as high as 100 million US dollars.

However, Amazon has not yet confirmed this number.

As a technology giant in North America, Amazon’s streaming media does not have much presence.

Perhaps this policy of buying popular movies in theaters can quickly become an upstart in the streaming media market.

Derek Drymon, who participated in the “SpongeBob SquarePants” series as a screenwriter and art director Jennifer Kluska, will participate in the filming as a co-director.

In addition, Selena Gomez, who is the voice of Dracula’s daughter in “Hotel Transylvania 4”, will be the producer of the film.

In “Hotel Transylvania 4”, humans and monsters exchange identities.

Humans become monsters, and those monsters become ordinary humans.

After the exchange of identities, there were a lot of jokes, and a series of hilarious and inaccurate stories were staged one after another.

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