‘Stranger Things Season 5’ has started writing the script, it will be the show’s final season


Netflix’s popular drama ‘Stranger Things Season 4’ has ended and the creators are gearing up to create ‘Stranger Things Season 5’. The creators recently revealed the brainstorming session for the script writing, and the fifth season is also the show’s final season, scheduled to air in 2024.

'Stranger Things Season 5' has started writing the script, it will be the show's final season | FMV6

Stranger Things Season 4′ begins six months after “The Battle of Starcourt” has passed, a battle that brought destruction to Hawkins and scattered the main characters, who struggle to cope with the complexities of high school life, but it doesn’t make things any easier.

In this most vulnerable of times, a terrifying new supernatural threat surfaces and throws up a terrifying riddle that, if solved, could end the horror of the Upside Down world from the ground up.

This time they finally saw the mastermind behind the scenes, and they will also face even greater challenges.

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