“Stranger Things Season 4” released a new poster, it will return this Friday


Director Duffer Brothers previously told the audience that the ending of “Stranger Things Season 4” might break the guard! This has caused fans to worry about whether or not they will see a character die at the end of the episode, and this same little hint has served to whet the appetite.

While waiting for the new episodes to air, Netflix’s “Stranger Things Season 4” Part 2 has also released a new poster.


It’s been six months since the Battle of the Planets brought fear and destruction to Hawkins.

Struggling with the fallout, our friends are separated for the first time – and graduating from high school doesn’t make things any easier.

During this most vulnerable time, a new and terrifying supernatural threat surfaces, presenting a terrifying mystery that, if solved, could finally put an end to the horror of the Upside Down.

It is reported that “Stranger Things Season 4” will air its last two episodes on July 1.

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