Christian Bale is willing to return to play the role of “Batman”, the premise is that Nolan personally to invite him

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Recently, Nolan ‘Batman’ trilogy star Christian Bale said in an interview that if director Nolan wants to continue shooting, he is always willing to return to play Batman.


The news came from him answering reporters at the world premiere of his new film ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, in which reporters asked if he had been approached by Warner Bros. to continue playing Batman, he said, “No, no one has ever mentioned that to me. Occasionally, people ask me about it, but I really haven’t heard about it”.

Considering that Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck will both return to play their respective versions of Batman in ‘The Flash’ movie, many people have great expectations for the return of Christian Bale’s version of Batman, and even want to have a DC version of “three Batmen in one frame”. “Of course, this is only a beautiful vision.

However, he himself said that he would be happy to return to play Batman, but only if Nolan came to him: “I have a deal with Nolan, when shooting the first film we talked: ‘Let’s make enough three films and stop, of course, if we are lucky enough to make the third. Then we’ll end up not shooting ‘”.


“But if Nolan has another whim one day and says, ‘I have another story to tell,’ then if he’s still willing to share that story with me, then I’ll be happy to put that cape back on.”

For Robert Pattinson in the new ‘Batman’ movie, Bale said he has not seen it yet, but he thinks Robert is a great actor and believes he is capable of playing the role.

And before Bale learned that Robert Pattinson had won the role of Batman, he also shared some “superhero tips” with him, such as how to wear a battle suit to the bathroom.


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