Preparations for “Sister Act 3” have begun, and the director and screenwriter candidates have been determined


According to foreign media reports, the classic song and dance comedy “Sister Act 3” has been selected as a director.

Eventually, Tim Federle will direct the film, and Madhuri Shekar will write the script.

The much-anticipated actress Whoopi Goldberg will return to the crew.

In fact, in 2015, Disney carried out a remake of the “Sister Act”.

In the plan at the time, “Sister Act” was a remake that would restart the entire series.

But 6 years later, Disney’s new plan is to shoot a sequel to “Sister Act”.

Preparations for "Sister Act 3" have begun, and the director and screenwriter candidates have been determined

Disney recruited two screenwriters of “Legally Blonde” for the film, Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith to write the script.

However, the project eventually fell apart.

“Sister Act” is a classic film produced by Touchstone Films in 1992.

The film tells the story of a second-rate singer named Deloris who witnessed a murder. In order to avoid the killing, the police sent her to the monastery for refuge.

Deloris volunteered to be the conductor of the choir and used all his best to teach the nightclub set.

Unexpectedly, she made the long silent church activities suddenly become full of vigor, which attracted the pope’s attention.

After the “Sister Act” was released, it received rave reviews and won a box office of 230 million US dollars that year.

Then “Sister Act” filmed a sequel and adapted it into a Broadway musical.

At present, it is not yet known what the main storyline and who will be the main actors of “Sister Act 3”.

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