Kevin Fitch, President of Marvel pictures, gives a guide to “WandaVision”


There is no doubt that “WandaVision” will soon become one of the strangest works ever produced by Marvel Studios.

This series will not only explore the many changes in the real world through decades of scenes, but also Directly bring characters and audiences into the “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” movie, so this drama is not only an ordinary sitcom, but also Marvel Pictures exploring new forms of fantasy, comedy, thriller, and diversity The universe and TV series are truly linked to movies.

Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Pictures, recently said that he will inject a new modern sitcom style into the show. In fact, at least five classic sitcom elements will be included.

This should It will make fans very excited and willing to accept, and when these elements are placed in the story, they will also have a huge impact on the reality created by “WandaVision”.

Kevin Fitch said: “I like TV and watched too many “Dick Van Dyke Show”,” Fitch said of his childhood viewing habits.

So far, although I have seen “WandaVision “Some fragments of “, and these fragments are mainly used to show respect for the ancient black and white television era, but “Wanda Vision” can express many other aspects. “

Kevin Fitch, President of Marvel pictures, gives a guide to "WandaVision"

What’s important is that Kevin Fitch then produced a series for the audience’s reference, and said: “WandaVision will imitate the style and expression of this series to a certain extent.

In this series, I have been pursuing all kinds of stories that happened in modern homes and offices, and the camera will start to shake when showing these things. To put it simply, there will be a documentary style.”

Kevin Fitch later mentioned that this reference drama is (The Office). As a sitcom that mainly describes the internal struggle of the company, there are two dramas of the same name, and they are also called longevity, and there are also actors among them.

Many faces familiar to the audience joined, including Amy Adams and Martin Fury, who later joined the Marvel camp of Warner DC and Disney.

Kevin Fitch, President of Marvel pictures, gives a guide to "WandaVision"

The information disclosed by Kevin Fitch can clearly show the importance of the first work in the fourth stage of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While Marvel Pictures has successively cut off other platform cooperative TV series, it has also added the “WandaVision” has invested in self-produced dramas, so the improvement in details will be obvious.

On the other hand, as the first song in 2021, “WandaVision” also serves as a Marvel encyclopedia. “Vision” will inevitably introduce more clues to the development of the fifth stage story, which will trigger a more intense story universe storm.

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